A collaboration between The Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht (KCRU) McMaster University, Michigan University and ErasmusMC is granted with almost $25.000 by the Pedal-with-Pete Foundation.

In addition to the importance of physical activity promotion to attenuate the risk of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease in persons with Cerebral Palsy (CP), proper nutrition and sleep management are also critical, but understudied and undertreated. Cerebral palsy or CP is a posture and movement disorder caused by brain damage. This grant will be used to identify knowledge gaps related to service delivery models for the uptake of practice-based research involving physical activity (including sedentary behavior), nutrition and sleep habits into clinical care for individuals with CP.

The aim of the pilot study is to develop and test the feasibility of a protocol that will objectively assess multi-morbidity risk in adolescents and adults with CP, and will include uniform screening metrics for physical activity, nutrition and sleep at multi-site locations (i.e. U.S., Canada, The Netherlands). From the KCRU, dr. Astrid Balemans and dr. Olaf Verschuren are involved.

The Pedal-with-Pete Foundation is a philanthropic organization, dedicated to raising funds for research to improve the quality of life for persons with CP. Pedal-with-Pete partners with the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Development Medicine (AACPDM) to aid in the assessment, ranking, and selection of grant requests. The AACPDM is the premier international organization promoting excellence in research and services for the benefit of people with CP and childhood-onset disabilities.