Marjolijn Ketelaar is the winner of the Outreach prize 2017 of the Brain Center Rudolf Magnus. The jury praises her for the fact that she gives patients really a full role. "That's quite unique, very important and an inspirational example for others."

She is the program leader of the research line for child rehabilitation at the Utrecht Center for Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht at the UMC Utrecht Brain Center Rudolf Magnus. She has been involving patients in her research already for a long time. She has been able to link her work as a researcher to the lives of the patients. Marjolijn really sets the example for all researchers in the Brain Center for how to involve patients in our research.

The Outreach prize is awarded annually to an employee who has best performed her work to the outside world. Employees could recommend themselves or colleagues for the price. Two members of the BCRM’s public advisory board have focused on submissions and Marjolijn selected as a winner.