Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht offer their first online postgraduate master in Epidemiology, Epidemiology Online, starting February 1st 2015. This enables researchers to study anytime, anywhere in the world, simultaneous with a busy career and social life.

The content of the online master program is identical to the face-to-face variant. Completely new is the learning method: all courses are taught online, through the platform of Elevate Health. This allows participants to study independent of time and place.  

This 90 EC postgraduate master program consists of 3 specialization tracks (Clinical Epidemiology, Veterinary Epidemiology and General Epidemiology) and a research project with (virtual) guidance of a Utrecht University supervisor.

The aim of the program is to provide research and health professionals with extensive knowledge and practical skills in patient-oriented research design, implementation, quantitative analysis and its application to human or veterinary medicine and public health. The gained knowledge and skills form a solid basis for health research and disease control programs, including application in developing countries.

Elevate offers scholarships for talented and motivated students worldwide. More information about scholarship and enrollment: www.elevatehealth.eu/masterepi.