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Innovation entrance area AZU location

Waiting location entrance 

Major renovation

Within the coming years, the central hall of the UMC Utrecht will be refurnished up to the outpatient clinics. Visitors and patients have many requests, such as a pharmacy, more green on the traverse, a draught-free area from the parking garage to the main entrance, a smoke-free entrance and more shops in the central hall. These needs and requests are currently being inventoried. The actual major structural changes will take place after several years, but smaller adjustments will be achieved sooner.

Draught-free traverse

A solution for making the traverse dry, draught- and snow-free has been under consideration for some time. A roll-down shutter near the traverse was experimented with for a few months, but did not function adequately. A different solution is currently being sought.

Innovative comfortable waiting location

Based on the wishes of visitors and patients, a new colourful waiting area has been opened in the central hall of the UMC Utrecht. There is a reading table and iPads and information pillars with folders and large screens on which visitors can find information about the UMC Utrecht, patient associations, floor plans, travel and hotels. The facilities will be further expanded with digital taxi screens.


In the entrance area, room will also be made available for shops, such as an audiologist, optician, homecare shop, chemists and a small supermarket.