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The UMC Utrecht is a nationally and internationally renowned institute. In co-operation with our regional, national and international partners, we work on solutions for major medical problems and have dedicated ourselves to accessible acute care, second opinion and select, highly specialised functions.

But we cannot excel in everything. We are restricted by rapid developments and available staff and resources. Demand for care and market forces and concentration of healthcare are on the rise. Therefore, we focus our innovative strength on a select number of key strategy programs that integrate leading research and healthcare and drive the ‘clinical need loop’ of scientific research, education and innovative care.

Our key strategy programs are organised into division- and discipline-wide programmes. This stimulates co-operation and helps us to focus maximum attention and strategic resources on creating innovative treatments.

This means that we have decided to outsource certain procedures. Most importantly, however, every patient is welcome at the UMC Utrecht, where we ensure that they receive the best treatment: either in the UMC Utrecht or at one of the hospitals with which we co-operate.