Aims and Briefing

"The Major Incident Hospital is a facility for providing guaranteed medical and other related short-term care facilities in the event of accident or emergency for groups of more than five military or civilian casualties, whose requirements exceed the standard care facilities of hospitals in a qualitative or quantitative respect. It is prepared to come to aid in the event of a number of different scenario's."

The Major Incident Hospital is available for the following five scenarios:

  • situations of war or threat of war, crisis or conflict management, whereby large numbers of military casualties need to be cared for;
  • situations concerning accidents abroad involving groups of residents of the Netherlands (military and/or civilian) who need to be repatriated;
  • situations regarding specific catastrophes, attacks or large-scale accidents in the Netherlands, which exceed the capabilities of regular care facilities;
  • situations in which the Dutch government offers help in the form of medical care for foreign victims of accidents abroad.     
  • admission of a reduced number of patients with a particular infectious disease.
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