Biessels GJ

GeertJan1 Name
Geert Jan Biessels
Department Neurology and neurosurgery
Section Cerebrovascular Disorders

Researcher and Neurologist
Tel +31 88 7557975

Project leader of the Utrecht Diabetic Encephalopathy Study (UDES) group and Utrecht Stroke and COGnition study group (USCOG), together with Prof LJ Kappelle

Title research line
Vascular risk factors for accelerated cognitive decline

Summary research
My research focuses on vascular cognitive impairment. Studies on the nature, pathophysiology and possible treatment of cerebral complications of diabetes mellitus have been a key topic. My current research entails mostly clinical projects with emphasis on neuropsychological studies in relation to state of the art brain imaging techniques and detailed assessment of vascular and metabolic abnormalities.
I currently supervise 6 PhD students on research projects that focus on cognitive functioning and brain imaging in relation to diabetes and cerebrovascular disease.
This involves collaborations with:
• The Helmholtz Institute (Dr RPC Kessels, Prof EH de Haan), the IMAGO researchschool (Prof MA Viergever, Prof WP Mali), and the Julius Centre (Prof A Algra, Prof G Rutten).
• The 'Hoorn Study Group' of the EMGO diabetes-project (Prof RJ Heine, Dr G Nijpels and Dr J Dekker VUMC, Amsterdam).
• The department of neurology of the AMC Amsterdam (Prof M Vermeulen, Dr Y Roos)
• The Alzheimer Centre of the VUMC, Amsterdam (Prof P Scheltens, Dr W van der Flier)

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