De Jong JW

Han de Jong
Department Neuroscience and Pharmacology


R.A.H. Adan and L.J.M.J. Vanderschuren

Title research:
To what extent can food (components) be addictive?

Summary research:
The potential overlap between eating disorders (in particular overeating and Binge Eating Disorder (BED)) has been subject to debate. Recent evidence has shown both behavioral and neurobiological similarities. Indeed food intake may be very rewarding and, on initial exposure, animals may be more motivated to work for palatable food than for drugs of abuse. But whether or not food intake can have a compulsive nature (such as is the case with addictive drugs) has not been properly demonstrated yet. In this research we intent to take models from the drug addiction field to the field of eating disorders in order to identify similarities and differences in behavior and neurobiological background.
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