Van Steensel MJ

foto_mariska_van_steensel1 Name
Mariska van Steensel
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Section Brain function and Plasticity

Tel +31 88-755 5121

Prof. dr. N. Ramsey

Title research
Human CNS Neuroprosthetics: substituting lost brain function

Summary research
The aim of my research is to develop a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) based on implanted ECoG electrodes. We focus on motor, working memory and language networks of the brain in order to find out which function, region and frequency range may be most suitable for application in a BCI system. In addition, we investigate the possibility of functional prelocalization of interesting regions using fMRI.

Vansteensel MJ, Michel S, and Meijer JH Organization of cell and tissue circadian pacemakers: A comparison among species. Brain Res Rev, in press.
Albus H, Vansteensel MJ, Michel S, Block GD and Meijer JH (2005) A GABAergic mechanism is necessary for coupling regional oscillators within the circadian clock. Curr Biol 15: 886-893.
Vansteensel MJ, Yamazaki S, Albus H, Deboer T, Block GD and Meijer JH (2003) Dissociation between circadian Per1 and neuronal and behavioral rhythms following a shifted environmental cycle. Curr Biol 13: 1538-1542.
Deboer T, Vansteensel MJ, Detari L and Meijer JH (2003) Sleep states alter activity of suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons. Nat Neurosci 6: 1086-1090
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