We strongly suggest that you conduct your own search, as this is not a complete list and we are continuously working on it.

Grantfinder is a good site for students (both undergraduate and graduate levels) who wish to study in The Netherlands. Here you can enter certain parameters, such as educational background and country of origin, to filter your search.

Utrecht University: Short Stay Fellowships for PhD Candidates

These fellowships are for 3 month visits for PhD candidates from Utrecht University partners. For updated information, please visit their website.

Other Scholarships through Utrecht University 

Utrecht University, the Dutch Government and other organizations offer scholarships, fellowships and grants. The list on the Grants, loans and scholarships site is short, so we advise you to conduct your own search.

Benefits of Working at UMC Utrecht

For information about Financial Matters at the UMC Utrecht, including Housing, Salary Ranges, Benefits, please visit the Human Resources website.

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