International Researchers

With access to expert researchers and clinicians, cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, students who conduct their PhD studies and/or their Post-doctoral Fellowships in The Netherlands are among the best and the brightest. The ability to easily cross-disciplines, to communicate with multiple departments and to share ideas enables young scientists to expand their knowledge beyond their specific area of research.

For information about working at the UMC Utrecht, please visit the UMC Utrecht Career Website.

PhD Students

In The Netherlands, a PhD is considered employment with a salary. Available positions are listed like any other, and anyone with a Master’s Degree (or equivalent) is eligible. Completion of a PhD requires at least 4 years of independent research that is performed under the supervision of a Full Professor.

Since your PhD is considered training, there is an established stipend (salary). The department that you will be working in will have specific information on this.

For information on obtaining your PhD in The Netherlands, please visit Utrecht University website.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

In The Netherlands, a Post-Doctoral Fellow is an employee of the UMC Utrecht. These positions are listed as a job with a salary; anyone with a PhD is eligible. Each department and laboratory posts their own openings and will work directly with you to determine the details of the position.

If you are looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow position, please see the UMC Utrecht Career Website for available positions.

Short-Stay Researchers and Visiting Faculty

As a foreign researcher, you have the possibility to work at the UMC Utrecht as a Short-Stay PhD student or Post-Doctoral Fellow. These positions are usually an opportunity for a researcher to gain experience with a new piece of technology; to have access to resources not available in your home institute; to work closely with collaborators. In addition, you will be able to share your own unique experiences and expertise with the UMC Utrecht community.

The UMC Utrecht is continuously developing and expanding its teaching and research activities by reaching out to other parts of the world. Short-Stay PhD students and Visiting Faculty are often partially or fully funded under one of the many university-wide collaborations the UMC Utrecht has with more to come on funding opportunities.

For information on fellowships for short-stay PhD and Professors, please visit the Utrecht University’s International Collaboration website. There you will find information on University partners, programs, scholarships and more.

Short-stay visits are generally 6-9 months but this will depend on the laboratory you visit. The application process and start date of these positions vary, depending on the laboratory into which you are accepted.
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