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Why study in Utrecht?

Utrecht is a young, lively city in the center of The Netherlands. Less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam and just a few hours from Paris, London and Berlin, its location allows easy access the diversity Europe has to offer. The history of Utrecht dates back 2000 years to Roman times, and today, it is still a mixture of architecture and culture.

With a student body of 30,000, Utrecht University is the largest academic institute in The Netherlands and it’s no wonder that Utrecht is in constant motion. Every year, over 2,000 international students come to study in Utrecht, adding to the multicultural, multilingual flavor of the city. This picturesque city has much to offer exchange students, as there is no lack of festivals, music, outdoor cafes and restaurants, shops and museums.

IngangHijmansvandenBerghgebouw1Utrecht University is closely affiliated with the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) and through a joint venture with the Faculty of Medicine, several academic programs have been transferred to the UMC Utrecht: Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Clinical Health Sciences. In addition to a rigorous academic portfolio, the UMC Utrecht also offers extensive training opportunities for medical specialists.

Utrecht University is also affiliated with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Hubrecht Institute and the combination of rich academic environment, research expertise and clinical specializations make Utrecht one of the premiere places to study and work in all of Europe.
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