Jacqueline (J.) Alblas PhD

senior scientist

Alblas1 Summary of interest and current work
As PI within the research theme Spinal surgery, my research activities are mainly focused on bone tissue engineering. Our aim is to develop hybrid constructs in which scaffold material and cell stimuli are optimally combined with the regenerative potential of adult stem cells. The main focus points are tissue architecture, vascularization, gene delivery and immunological aspects of bone substitutes.
Printing of living cells, which we developed in our lab, has received a lot of attention in the last years, and has expanded considerably. Using this technology, dedicated biomaterials suitable for bioprinting have been developed and optimized and are now ready for further functionalization. They are used to investigate the role of self-organisation of cells and matrix components in tissue repair. This animation shows how bioprinted bone constructs might be applied in the future.

Key side activities

Supervision of PhD students and undergraduate students in bone research
Course director/Teaching Medicine and Biomedical Sciences curriculi (BA/MA), Graduate School of Life Sciences, Regenerative Medicine programme
Board member NBTE (Dutch Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering)
Editorial Board of Bioengineering
Member AO Research Review Commission
WP leader BONE-IP consortium

Education and career history
Assistant professor (2008-present)
Senior post-doc (2005-2008)
Dept. Orthopaedics, Division of Surgical Specialties, UMC Utrecht

Post-doc (1996-2004)
Dept. Molecular Cell Biology an Immunology, VU Medical Center, Amsterdam
Dept. Pulmonology, UMC Utrecht
Dept. Physiological Chemistry, Utrecht University

PhD in Cellular Biochemistry (1996)
'Signal transduction by G protein-coupled receptors’
The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

MSc Biology (1989)
Leiden University

E: j.alblas@umcutrecht.nl
T: +31 88 7550294 (office) or +31 88 7551133 (secr.)

Representative publications
Fedorovich, N. E., Alblas, J., De Wijn, J. R., Hennink, W. E., Verbout, A. B. J., & Dhert, W. J. A. (2007) Hydrogels as extracellular matrices for skeletal tissue engineering: State-of-the-art and novel application in organ printing. Tissue Engineering 13(8), 1905-1925. Cited 99 times

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