Utrecht technology start-up, Core Life Analytics BV, has on December 19th 2016, signed an agreement with the UMC Utrecht for exclusive rights to commercialize HC StratoMineR, a data analytics platform developed at the UMC Utrecht.

Core Life Analytics has been co-founded by Dr. David Egan, the manager of the Cell Screening Core at the UMCU and Wienand Omta, a Ph.D. student who developed the software during his thesis work at the laboratory. The project was part of a collaboration between the UMCU’s Department of Cell Biology and the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the University of Utrecht.

HC StratoMineR is a web-based tool that helps biologists to analyze large complex datasets. Dr. Egan stated, “Biologists are generating ever larger and more complex data sets. Currently they need to go to a specialist data scientist to help them to make sense of this data. Inevitably this introduces a bottleneck as they have to educate the data scientist about their experiment. Our platform makes it possible them to rapidly analyze their own data so that they can generate the knowledge that is needed for the development of the cures of tomorrow.”

Galapagos, a pharmaceuticals company in Leiden has already purchased a subscription other launching customers include groups at the University of California at Santa Cruz, the University of Edinburgh, North Carolina Central University and the University of Cape Town.

Core Life Analytics BV operates out of the UtrechtInc incubator at the Utrecht Science Park in Utrecht. It has received start-up funding from Rabobank, (via the UtrechtInc Science Venture program), and STW, in the form of a Take-Off grant.