prof. dr. J.M. Beekman

prof. dr. J.M. Beekman

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prof. dr. J.M. Beekman
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Dr. J.M. Beekman obtained a PhD in molecular immunology in 2004, and performed multiple post docs in molecular and cell biology within various immunological settings. In October 2010, he became principle investigator at the UMC Utrecht, and started a novel translational research line focusing on developing novel therapeutic strategies for cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease characterized by aberrant ion and fluid homeostasis at mucosal surfaces leading to chronic infection and inflammation and early death around the 3rd to 4th decade of life.


‘People with chronic diseases living healthy lives: I strive to create breakthrough solutions for clinical needs of people with chronic diseases by scientific research that focuses on the development of novel diagnostic or therapeutic approaches. This requires a multidisciplinary approach in which basic and clinical research is aligned, and integrated with needs of patients, the private sector and regulatory authorities. Currently, I am particularly proud of leading a team that developed a highly innovative diagnostic assay that enables individualized therapy for people with cystic fibrosis that lead to direct clinical impact for people within 4 years after the initial discovery.’

Side Activities

Professional activities

2021    Co-founder Fair Therapeutics 

2020    Member selection committee for “3V-stimuleringsfonds” UU and UMCU     

2019    Vice-president organizing committee European CF society conference 2022  

2018    PhD Committee and opponent of Franz Shan Brunel, University of Aberdeen, UK 

2017    PhD Committee and opponent of Karen Schelde, University of Aarhus, Denmark 

2017    Consultant at CFF Theratyping workshop  

2016    European CF society basic science working group – vice coordinator 

2016    Grant reviewer Canadian Foundation for Innovation 

2016    Grant reviewer Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. (CFRI) 

2016    Grant reviewer German CF society 

2016    Advisor for future funding of UK Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Research Sandpit Workshop, 8-9 Feb) 

2015     Grant reviewer SRC grant application Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK) 

2015     Avicenna Roadmap Authoring Team – A strategy for in silico clinical trials 

2013 –  Editorial board member of Rare Diseases

2013 –  Editorial board member of PlosOne

2013 –  Annual candidate selection committee for Eureka Institute of Translational Medicine

2010 –   Reviewer for various journals including Cell, Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, PlosOne, Journal of Immunological Methods, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, Molecular Immunology, Journal of Medical Genetics, Journal of Cystic Fibrosis


2019-     UWE, collaboration Utrecht-Wageningen-Eindhoven

2019-     Membership transition-team for animal-free innovation Utrecht

2014 –    European Respiratory Society

2010 –    European Cystic Fibrosis Society

2011 –    Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine

2000 –    Dutch Society of Immunology (NVVI


Potential Conflicts of Interest

Dr Beekman has regular interactions with commercial parties including pharmaceutical companies, and performs academic associated research mostly in public-private partnerships or fee-for-service activities with such companies. Beekman was PI on grants with Galapagos, Proteostasis, and Eloxx Pharmaceuticals that led to major funding contributions from these companies to UMCU (>100K). Other companies provided in kind contributions. He is inventor of a patent (20210333266) that was licensed to Hubrecht Organoid Technology and he received personal royalties from 2017 onward (max annual income <3000 euros up to 2021) from the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and Arts. Dr Beekman has received personal support for preparation of meetings or consultancy (all below 2200 euro per event), or reimbursement of traveling and lodging costs for participating in industry-sponsored educational meeting (all below €2200 per event). He co-founded FAIR therapeutics BV in 2021 and has a minority shareholders position.

Research Output (121)

Protocol for generating airway organoids from 2D air liquid interface-differentiated nasal epithelia for use in a functional CFTR assay

Rodenburg Lisa W, van der Windt Isabelle S, Dreyer Henriette H M, Smits Shannon M A, den Hertog-Oosterhoff Loes A, Aarts Ellen M, Beekman Jeffrey M, Amatngalim Gimano D 12 Jun 2023, In: STAR protocols. 4 , p. 1-28

Targeted locus amplification reveals heterogeneity between and within CFTR genotypes and association with CFTR function in patient-derived intestinal organoids

Lefferts J. W., Boersma V., Nieuwenhuijze N. D.A., Suen S. W.F., Hajo K., Collantes N. Sanchez, Vermeulen C., Groeneweg T., Hagemeijer M. C., de Jonge H. R., van der Ent C. K., Splinter E., Beekman J. M. May 2023, In: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. 22 , p. 538-547 10 p.

Use of 2,6-diaminopurine as a potent suppressor of UGA premature stop codons in cystic fibrosis

Leroy Catherine, Spelier Sacha, Essonghe Nadège Charlene, Poix Virginie, Kong Rebekah, Gizzi Patrick, Bourban Claire, Amand Séverine, Bailly Christine, Guilbert Romain, Hannebique David, Persoons Philippe, Arhant Gwenaëlle, Prévotat Anne, Reix Philippe, Hubert Dominique, Gérardin Michèle, Chamaillard Mathias, Prevarskaya Natalia, Rebuffat Sylvie, Shapovalov George, Beekman Jeffrey, Lejeune Fabrice 5 Apr 2023, In: Molecular Therapy. 31 , p. 970-985 16 p.

Readthrough compounds for nonsense mutations:bridging the translational gap

Spelier Sacha, van Doorn Eveline P.M., van der Ent Cornelis K., Beekman Jeffrey M., Koppens Martijn A.J. Apr 2023, In: Trends in molecular medicine. 29 , p. 297-314 18 p.

Impaired SARS-CoV-2 specific T-cell response in patients with severe COVID-19

Rümke Lidewij W., Smit Wouter L., Bossink Ailko, Limonard Gijs J.M., Muilwijk Danya, Haas Lenneke E.M., Reusken Chantal, van der Wal Sanne, Thio Bing J., van Os Yvonne M.G., Gremmels Hendrik, Beekman Jeffrey M., Nijhuis Monique, Wensing Annemarie M.J., Heron Michiel, Thijsen Steven F.T. Apr 2023, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 14 9 p.

High-throughput functional assay in cystic fibrosis patient-derived organoids allows drug repurposing

Spelier Sacha, de Poel Eyleen, Ithakisiou Georgia N., Suen Sylvia W.F., Hagemeijer Marne C., Muilwijk Danya, Vonk Annelotte M., Brunsveld Jesse E., Kruisselbrink Evelien, van der Ent Cornelis K., Beekman Jeffrey M. Jan 2023, In: ERJ Open Research. 9

Targeted Locus Amplification and Haplotyping

Lefferts Juliet W., Boersma Vera, Hagemeijer Marne C., Hajo Karima, Beekman Jeffrey M., Splinter Erik 2023, 2590 , p. 31-48 18 p.

FDA-approved drug screening in patient-derived organoids demonstrates potential of drug repurposing for rare cystic fibrosis genotypes

de Poel E., Spelier S., Hagemeijer M. C., van Mourik P., Suen S. W.F., Vonk A. M., Brunsveld J. E., Ithakisiou G. N., Kruisselbrink E., Oppelaar H., Berkers G., de Winter de Groot K. M., Heida-Michel S., Jans S. R., van Panhuis H., Bakker M., van der Meer R., Roukema J., Dompeling E., Weersink E. J.M., Koppelman G. H., Blaazer A. R., Muijlwijk-Koezen J. E., van der Ent C. K., Beekman J. M. 2023, In: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. 22 , p. 548-559 12 p.

Redefining Hypo- and Hyper-Responding Phenotypes of CFTR Mutants for Understanding and Therapy

Hillenaar Tamara, Beekman Jeffrey, van der Sluijs Peter, Braakman Ineke Dec 2022, In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 23

Measuring cystic fibrosis drug responses in organoids derived from 2D differentiated nasal epithelia

Amatngalim Gimano D, Rodenburg Lisa W, Aalbers Bente L, Raeven Henriette Hm, Aarts Ellen M, Sarhane Dounia, Spelier Sacha, Lefferts Juliet W, Silva Iris Al, Nijenhuis Wilco, Vrendenbarg Sacha, Kruisselbrink Evelien, Brunsveld Jesse E, van Drunen Cornelis M, Michel Sabine, de Winter-de Groot Karin M, Heijerman Harry G, Kapitein Lukas C, Amaral Magarida D, van der Ent Cornelis K, Beekman Jeffrey M Dec 2022, In: Life Science Alliance. 5 , p. 1-14

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