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dr. J. (Jaap-Jan) Boelens Associate Professor - medical

  • SCT patient care

J. Boelens


Research Programs


Jaap-Jan Boelens is a pediatrician – oncologist/Immunologist. He received his PhD at the University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Center in 1999. He was trained as a paediatrician in the Leiden UMC and the Juliana Children’s Hospital in Den Haag followed by completion of clinical fellowship in immunology (2006, UMC Utrecht) and oncology (2011, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam). His clinical sub-specialization is Hemapoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) and he is working as a consultant in HCT at the UMC Utrecht since 2006.

He has a special interest in rare-diseases (as indication for HCT) in particular “lysosomal storage diseases” and finding strategies to get better disease control (in malignant diseases). His research group (Group Boelens / Nierkens: U-DANCE) focuses on the development of cord blood derived dendritic cell vaccines (anti-AML, anti-Neuroblastoma). In addition there is a special interest designing a predictable low toxic conditioning regimen using PK/PD-models for e.g. ATG (anti-thymocyte globuline) to better predict the immune-reconstitution (nessasary for optimal effect vaccines). In his group are 4 PostDocs, 5 PhD students and 3 technicians working. He is a frequently invited speaker on international conferences and has over 130 peer-reviewed publications. He is (co-)PI on various phase I/II trials with ATMPs. He is VP elect of the ISCT EU (2016-2018) and will the VP of ISCT EU from 2018-2020 and is also director of the CBA (Cord Blood Association) board (till 2020).

Side Activities

  • Co-Chair Working Committee Benign Disorders (PID, bone marrow failure syndromes, hemoglobinopathies and metabolic diseases) CIBMTR.

    Pediatric Organizing Committee (2013-2016): BMT Tandem Meetings (ASBMT/CIBMTR)

    Board of a recently formed “Westhafen Intercontinental group” aiming to integrate/homogenize the EU and USA transplant and cell therapy practices and trying to come beyond phase I/II studies involving ATMPs (advanced therapy medicinal products).

    Advisory Board / Consultancy GSK: Genetherapy in Metabolic diseases

    Advisory Board Genetherapy Trial (Telethon): X-CGD (X-Linked Chronic Granulomatous Disease)

    Associate Editor Cytotherapy (Journal of ISCT: International Society of Cell Therapy)

    Advisory Board / Consultancy Novartis: Cell- and Genetherapy

    PSIG Organizing Committee (Tandem meetings) 2014 - 2016

Fellowship and Awards

  • ZonMW TAS (as PI): Development of a cord blood stem cell-derived anti-AML dendritic cell vaccine: Towards powerful "anti-AML immunity" after cord blood transplantation (2014 -2018): 1.7M Euro

    ZonMW Priority Medicine Children: Towards Individualized ATG dosing (2012-2016): 0.5M Euro

    Various KIKA grants: Cumm. 2M, Villa Joep/Stichting AMMODO: 0.5M, various smaller grants (including Harmanus Ehrhart)

    Current active funding: 4.5M

    2015: Swammerdam Prijs (van Ned.Vereniging voor Hematologie)

    " Elisabeth von Freyburg prijs 2013" voor baanbrekend onderzoek binnen Kinderoncologie


Research Output (212)

Metachromatic leukodystrophy and transplantation:remyelination, no cross-correction

Wolf Nicole I., Breur Marjolein, Plug Bonnie, Beerepoot Shanice, Westerveld Aimee S.R., van Rappard Diane F., de Vries Sharon I., Kole Maarten H.P., Vanderver Adeline, van der Knaap Marjo S., Lindemans Caroline A., van Hasselt Peter M., Boelens Jaap J., Matzner Ulrich, Gieselmann Volkmar, Bugiani Marianna 22 jan 2020, In: Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. 7 , p. 169-180 12 p.

Peripheral neuropathy in metachromatic leukodystrophy: current status and future perspective

Beerepoot Shanice, Nierkens Stefan, Boelens Jaap-Jan, Lindemans Caroline, Bugiani Marianna, Wolf Nicole I. 4 nov 2019, In: Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 14

Harmonization of Busulfan Plasma Exposure Unit (BPEU):A Community-Initiated Consensus Statement

McCune Jeannine S, Quinones Christine M, Ritchie James, Carpenter Paul A, van Maarseveen Erik, Yeh Rosa F, Anasetti Claudio, Boelens Jaap J, Hamerschlak Nelson, Hassan Moustapha, Kang Hyoung Jin, Kanda Yoshinobu, Paci Angelo, Perales Miguel-Angel, Shaw Peter J, Seewaldt Victoria L, Savani Bipin N, Hsieh Angela, Poon Betsy, Mohty Mohamad, Pulsipher Michael A, Pasquini Marcelo, Dupuis L Lee sep 2019, In: Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. 25 , p. 1890-1897 8 p.

Fludarabine exposure in the conditioning prior to allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation predicts outcomes

Langenhorst J. B., van Kesteren C., van Maarseveen E. M., Dorlo T. P. C., Nierkens Stefan, Lindemans C. A., de Witte M. A., van Rhenen A., Raijmakers R., Bierings M., Kuball J., Huitema A. D. R., Boelens J. J. 23 jul 2019, In: Blood Advances. 3 , p. 2179-2187 9 p.

Predictors for Autoimmune Cytopenias after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Children

Szanto Celina L, Langenhorst Jurgen, de Koning Coco, Nierkens Stefan, Bierings Marc, Huitema Alwin D R, Lindemans Caroline A, Boelens Jaap J 22 jul 2019, In: Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. 26 , p. 114-122 9 p.

Solid organ transplantation after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in childhood:A multicentric retrospective survey

Faraci Maura, Bertaina Alice, Dalissier Arnaud, Ifversen Marianne, Schulz Ansgar, Gennery Andrew, Burkhardt Birgit, Badell Serra Isabel, Diaz-de-Heredia Cristina, Lanino Edoardo, Lankester Arjan C., Gruhn Bernd, Matthes-Martin Susanne, Kühl Joern S., Varotto Stefania, Paillard Catherine, Guilmatre Audrey, Sastre Ana, Abecasis Manuel, Garwer Birgit, Sedlacek Petr, Boelens Jaap J., Beohou Eric, Bader Peter, 1 jun 2019, In: American Journal of Transplantation. 19 , p. 1798-1805 8 p.

The influence of stem cell source on transplant outcomes for pediatric patients with acute myeloid leukemia

Keating Amy K., Langenhorst Jurgen, Wagner John E., Page Kristin M., Veys Paul, Wynn Robert F., Stefanski Heather, Elfeky Reem, Giller Roger, Mitchell Richard, Milano Filippo, O’Brien Tracey A., Dahlberg Ann, Delaney Colleen, Kurtzberg Joanne, Verneris Michael R., Boelens Jaap Jan 9 apr 2019, In: Blood Advances. 3 , p. 1118-1128 11 p.

Risk factors affecting outcome of unrelated cord blood transplantation for children with familial haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Furtado-Silva Juliana Montibeller, Paviglianiti Annalisa, Ruggeri Annalisa, Boelens Jaap Jan, Veys Paul, Ahmari Ali Abdallah, Zecca Marco, Locatelli Franco, Michel Gerard, Volt Fernanda, Kenzey Chantal, Sedlacek Petr, Rao Kanchan, Lankester Arjan, Gluckman Eliane, Rocha Vanderson, 1 feb 2019, In: British Journal of Haematology. 184 , p. 397-404 8 p.

Cord-Blood-Stem-Cell-Derived Conventional Dendritic Cells Specifically Originate from CD115-Expressing Precursors

Plantinga Maud, de Haar Colin G., Dünnebach Ester, van den Beemt Denise A.M.H., Bloemenkamp Kitty W.M., Mokry Michal, Boelens Jaap Jan, Nierkens Stefan 1 feb 2019, In: Cancers. 11

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor levels matter in treating chronic GVHD

van der Wagen Lotte, Janssen Julie, Raijmakers Reinier, Petersen Eefke, de Witte Moniek, de Jong Niels, Bellido Mar, Meijer Ellen, Bär Brigitte, Jan Boelens Jaap, Huitema Alwin, Kuball Jürgen 16 jan 2019, In: Bone Marrow Transplantation. 54 , p. 1141-1144 4 p.

All Research Output (212)
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