dr. D. Bogaert

Assistant Professor - medical

  • Infectious Diseases Research 1

dr. D. Bogaert

Fellowship and Awards

  • Honours:

    Senior Scottish Clinical Fellowship award (NRS) (2016)

    Innovational Research Incentives Scheme: Vidi laureate (NWO) (2015)

    Innovational Research Incentives Scheme: Veni laureate (NWO) (2009)

    Ter Meulen Fund Stipends, KNAW (2006/2007)

    Prof. Dr. Burema award for most relevant publication in the field of infectious diseases 2004/2005, The Municipal Health Service Rotterdam and Environs (GGD), The Netherlands

    Investigator award 2004/2005, Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s award, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Young investigator award 2004, Pediatric Association of The Netherlands (NVK), The Netherlands

    Prof. Dr. J.C. Birkenhäger award 2003 for excellence in research and presentation, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


    2017. Spain. Ramon Areces Foundation: Personal grant of postdoctoral fellow Dr. Alicia Ruiz for a 2-year postdoc in my group to study mycobiome-microbiome interaction. Stipend

    2017. NIHR.Global health research unit: Collaborator of NIHR RESPIRE Unit, University of Edinburgh. £6.000.000

    2017. NIHR. Global health research unit. Collaborator and Steering Committee member of NIHR MPRU Unit, University College London. £6.000.000

    2016-2012. NRS. SSCF. Hhost-microbiome interactions: identification of ecological drivers that are key to respiratory problems in pre-term born children (Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship). £800.000

    2015-2019 ZonMW. Vidi grant. Host-microbiome interactions: the key to respiratory health? (Personal career grant) €800.000

    2014-2017. ZonMW. Priority Medicines. Consequences of early-life antibiotic exposure on AMR gene selection: what regimen causes least harm? (PI) €400.000

    2014-2016. Gates Foundation. Effect of live attenuated Influenza vaccines on experimental human pneumococcal carriage.€250.000

    2012-2014. Ministry of economic affaires. TKI grant.“Food for life solutions” (co-applicant). €130.000 (of 1.0 million)

    2011-2014 TI Pharma. Collaboratiive grant. Therapeutic effect of an extensively hydrolyzed infant formula on atopic dermatitis” (participant) €100.000 (of 1.5 million)

    2009-2014. NWO/ZonMW. Top grant. “Dynamics of nasopharyngeal colonization of microflora; the key to respiratory disease?” (PI). €625.000

    2009-2012. NWO. Veni grant.“Nasopharyngeal microbial communities and the effects of vaccination” (Personal career grant). €250.000

    2006-2008. KNAW. Ter Meulen Fund. “Interaction between Streptococcus pneumoniae and the maturing host immune system” (personal career grant). €100.000

    2009-2013. Local hospital fund (based on private donations). Friends of WKZ. Respiratory microbiome development in healthy children in relation to delivery mode €150.000/ Respiratory microbiome development in infants with cystic fibrosis and controls. €240.000

    2012. Local. WKZ. “Leading ladies in science” unrestricted grant. €100.000

Research Output (116)

The UK needs a sustainable strategy for COVID-19

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Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic:we need to act now

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Niche- and Gender-Dependent Immune Reactions in Relation to the Microbiota Profile in Pediatric Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion

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From doctors as patients:a manifesto for tackling persisting symptoms of covid-19

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Early Life Microbiota and Respiratory Tract Infections

de Steenhuijsen Piters Wouter A A, Binkowska Justyna, Bogaert Debby 12 aug 2020, In: Cell Host & Microbe. 28 , p. 223-232 10 p.

100 years of influenza research seen through the lens of Covid-19

Bogaert Debby, Dockrell David H jul 2020, In: Mucosal immunology. 13 , p. 561-562 2 p.

Co-infections:potentially lethal and unexplored in COVID-19

Cox Michael J, Loman Nicholas, Bogaert Debby, O'Grady Justin mei 2020, In: The Lancet. Microbe. 1 , p. e11

Infant respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis and nasopharyngeal microbiota until 6 years of life:a subanalysis of the MAKI randomised controlled trial

Man Wing Ho, Scheltema Nienke M, Clerc Melanie, van Houten Marlies A, Nibbelke Elisabeth E, Achten Niek B, Arp Kayleigh, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Bont Louis J, Bogaert Debby 20 mrt 2020, In: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 8 , p. 1022-1031 10 p.

Impact of preterm birth on brain development and long-term outcome:protocol for a cohort study in Scotland

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Development of the gut microbiota in early life:The impact of cystic fibrosis and antibiotic treatment

Kristensen Maartje, Prevaes Sabine M.P.J., Kalkman Gino, Tramper-Stranders Gerdien A., Hasrat Raiza, de Winter- de Groot Karin M., Janssens Hettie M., Tiddens Harm A., van Westreenen Mireille, Sanders Elisabeth A.M., Arets Bert, Keijser Bart, van der Ent Cornelis K., Bogaert Debby 1 jan 2020, In: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. 19 , p. 553-561 9 p.

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