dr. A.N. (Niels) Bovenschen

Associate Professor
dr. A.N. (Niels) Bovenschen
  • Department of Pathology



Niels Bovenschen studied Medical Biology at the Free University in Amsterdam and he obtained his PhD in 2003 at Sanquin Research (Amsterdam). In 2004, he moved to the department of Pathology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht), where he was appointed Associate Professor in 2012. His research group now focuses on the effector immune response in eliminating tumor cells and virus-infected cells. He is in charge of the UMC Utrecht Pathology Research Laboratory and head of the Laboratory of Translational Immunology core facility Proteins. Niels was appointed as Senior Fellow in 2017 and as Principal Fellow in 2020 at Utrecht University. His mission is to engage undergraduate students in science by creating synergy between education, scientific research, and healthcare already at the early undergraduate level. He is examiner and coordinator of several (bio)medical educational programs and courses at the faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University. In 2019, Niels Bovenschen won the Outstanding Teacher Award of Utrecht University. In 2020, he founded the Bachelor Research Hub, a place where students perform real research together with researchers, clinicians, and patients from the UMC Utrecht. 

Side Activities

Member KNAW Comenius network

Academic Editor: PLoS ONE

Editorial Board Member: Front. Cell. Dev. Biol.

Fellowship and Awards

2020: Principal Fellow Utrecht University

2019: Outstanding Teacher Award. Docent van het jaar. Utrecht University

2018: NWO Comenius Teaching Fellow grant

2018: Lecturer of the year. Docent van het jaar. Faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University

2017: Senior Fellow Utrecht University

2006: NWO/ZonMw VENI grant (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research).

Research Output (79)

Noninvasive optical detection of granzyme B from natural killer cells with enzyme-activated fluorogenic probes

Janiszewski Tomasz, Kołt Sonia, Kaiserman Dion, Snipas Scott J., Li Shuang, Kulbacka Julita, Saczko Jolanta, Bovenschen Niels, Salvesen Guy, Drąg Marcin, Bird Phillip I., Kasperkiewicz Paulina 10 jul 2020, In: The Journal of biological chemistry. 295 , p. 9567-9582 16 p.

Modulation of Inflammation by Extracellular Granzyme A

van Daalen Kim R., Reijneveld Josephine F., Bovenschen Niels 19 mei 2020, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 11 11 p.

Killer cell proteases can target viral immediate-early proteins to control human cytomegalovirus infection in a noncytotoxic manner

Shan Liling, Li Shuang, Meeldijk Jan, Blijenberg Bernadet, Hendriks Astrid, van Boxtel Karlijn J.W.M., van den Berg Sara P.H., Groves Ian J., Potts Martin, Svrlanska Adriana, Stamminger Thomas, Wills Mark R., Bovenschen Niels 1 apr 2020, In: PLoS Pathogens. 16 22 p.

How a four-year-old boy connects healthcare, biomedical research and undergraduate education

Drost Rijkent H., Dictus Wim J.A.G., Prakken Berent J., Bovenschen Niels 1 sep 2019, In: Nature Biotechnology. 37 , p. 1092-1095 4 p.

Increased intra-articular granzyme M may trigger local IFN-λ1/IL-29 response in rheumatoid arthritis

Shan L, van den Hoogen LL, Meeldijk J, Kok HM, Jongeneel Lieneke H., Boes ML, Wenink Mark, Hack Erik, Radstake TRDJ, van Roon Joel A.G., Bovenschen AN 24 mei 2019, In: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology. 38 , p. 220-226 7 p.

Epigenomic-Guided Mass Cytometry Profiling Reveals Disease-Specific Features of Exhausted CD8 T Cells

Bengsch Bertram, Ohtani Takuya, Khan Omar, Setty Manu, Manne Sasikanth, O'Brien Shaun, Gherardini Pier Federico, Herati Ramin Sedaghat, Huang Alexander C., Chang Kyong Mi, Newell Evan W., Bovenschen Niels, Pe'er Dana, Albelda Steven M., Wherry E. John 15 mei 2018, In: Immunity. 48 , p. 1029-1045.e5

Deep immune profiling by mass cytometry links human T and NK cell differentiation and cytotoxic molecule expression patterns

Bengsch Bertram, Ohtani Takuya, Herati Ramin Sedaghat, Bovenschen Niels, Chang Kyong Mi, Wherry E. John feb 2018, In: Journal of Immunological Methods. 453 , p. 3-10 8 p.

Development and Validation of a Multiplex Non-HLA Antibody Assay for the Screening of Kidney Transplant Recipients

Kamburova Elena G., Kardol-Hoefnagel Tineke, Wisse Bram W., Joosten Irma, Allebes Wil A., van der Meer Arnold, Hilbrands Luuk B., Baas Marije C., Spierings Eric, Hack Cornelis E., van Reekum Franka E., van Zuilen Arjan D., Verhaar Marianne C., Bots Michiel L., Drop Adriaan C.A.D., Plaisier Loes, Meeldijk Jan, Bovenschen Niels, Seelen Marc A.J., Sanders Jan Stephan, Hepkema Bouke G., Lambeck Annechien J.A., Bungener Laura B., Roozendaal Caroline, Tilanus Marcel G.J., Voorter Christina E., Wieten Lotte, van Duijnhoven Elly M., Gelens Mariëlle A.C.J., Christiaans Maarten H.L., van Ittersum Frans J., Nurmohamed Shaikh A., Lardy Neubury M., Swelsen Wendy, van der Pant Karlijn A.M.I., van der Weerd Neelke C., Ten Berge Ineke J.M., Bemelman Frederike J., van der Boog Paul J.M., de Fijter Johan W., Betjes Michiel G.H., Heidt Sebastiaan, Roelen Dave L., Claas Frans H., Otten Henny G. 1 jan 2018, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 9

Prognostic relevance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and immune checkpoints in pediatric medulloblastoma

Vermeulen Jeroen F., Van Hecke Wim, Adriaansen Elisabeth J M, Jansen Mieke K., Bouma Rianne G., Villacorta Hidalgo José, Fisch Paul, Broekhuizen Roel, Spliet Wim G.M., Kool Marcel, Bovenschen Niels 2018, In: OncoImmunology. 7 , p. e1398877

Oncogenic role of cytomegalovirus in medulloblastoma?

Hortal Alejandro M., Vermeulen Jeroen F., Van Hecke Wim, Bovenschen Niels 1 nov 2017, In: Cancer Letters. 408 , p. 55-59 5 p.

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