dr. G.J.M. (Geertjan) Huiskamp

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  • Neurologen

dr. G.J.M. (Geertjan) Huiskamp

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Geertjan Huiskamp obtained his PhD degree at the University  of Nijmegen in 1989 on work on the inverse problem of electrocardiography.  After having spent  post-doc  research at the University of California at Irvine on inverse methods and again at the University of Nijmegen  on propagation models  for ventricular  activation, in 1996 he moved to the department of Clinical Neurophysiology  of the University Medical  Center Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he got involved in source localization for pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy patients.  Since 2000 he is staff physicist at the department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Utrecht, where his main tasks are research and technology assessment centered around the invasive epilepsy monitoring unit. His current interests are in advanced signal processing of spontaneous and evoked EEG in epilepsy patients. 

Side Activities

  • 2012 - lecturer signal analysis EEG technician LOI

    2017 member scientific committee 3rd international conference on basic and applied multimodal imaging BaCI 2017

Research Output (108)

Simultaneous MEG and EEG to detect ripples in people with focal epilepsy

van Klink Nicole, Mooij Anne, Huiskamp Geertjan, Ferrier Cyrille, Braun Kees, Hillebrand Arjan, Zijlmans Maeike 1 jul 2019, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 130 , p. 1175-1183 9 p.

An observation of anatomical clustering in inputs to primary motor cortex in cortico-cortical brain surface evoked potentials

Miller Kai J., Huiskamp Geertjan, Van Blooijs Dorien, Hermes Dora, Gebbink Tineke A., Ferrier Cyrille H., Van Rijen Peter C., Gosselaar Peter, Ramsey Nick F., Leijten Frans S.S. 1 feb 2019,

Diagnostic accuracy of interictal source imaging in presurgical epilepsy evaluation:A systematic review from the E-PILEPSY consortium

Mouthaan Brian E., Rados Matea, Boon Paul, Carrette Evelien, Diehl Beate, Jung Julien, Kimiskidis Vasilios, Kobulashvili Teia, Kuchukhidze Giorgi, Larsson Pål G., Leitinger Markus, Ryvlin Philippe, Rugg-Gunn Fergus, Seeck Margitta, Vulliémoz Serge, Huiskamp Geertjan, Leijten Frans S.S., Van Eijsden Pieter, Trinka Eugen, Braun Kees P.J. 1 jan 2019, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 130 , p. 845-855 11 p.

A Comparison of Evoked and Non-evoked Functional Networks

Hebbink Jurgen, van Blooijs Dorien, Huiskamp Geertjan, Leijten Frans S S, van Gils Stephan A, Meijer Hil G E 6 dec 2018, In: Brain Topography. 32 , p. 405-417 13 p.

Electrocorticographic high gamma language mapping:Mind the pitfalls of comparison with electrocortical stimulation

Mooij A. H., Sterkman L. C.M., Zijlmans M., Huiskamp G. J.M. mei 2018, In: Epilepsy and Behavior. 82 , p. 196-199 4 p.

Neocortical electrical stimulation for epilepsy:Closed-loop versus open-loop

Vassileva Albena, van Blooijs Dorien, Leijten Frans, Huiskamp Geertjan 1 mrt 2018, In: Epilepsy Research. 141 , p. 95-101 7 p.

Beamforming applied to surface EEG improves ripple visibility

van Klink Nicole, Mol Arjen, Ferrier Cyrille, Hillebrand Arjan, Huiskamp Geertjan, Zijlmans Maeike 9 nov 2017, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 129 , p. 101-111 11 p.

Is brain-responsive neurostimulation in eloquent cortex without symptoms?

van Blooijs Dorien, Huiskamp Geertjan J M, Leijten Frans S S aug 2017, In: Epilepsia. 58 , p. 1487

Tailoring epilepsy surgery with fast ripples in the intraoperative electrocorticogram

van 't Klooster M A, van Klink N E C, Zweiphenning W J E M, Leijten F S S, Zelmann R, Ferrier C H, van Rijen P C, Otte W M, Braun K P J, Huiskamp G J M, Zijlmans M 2017, In: Annals of Neurology. 81 , p. 664-676

Evoked versus spontaneous high frequency oscillations in the chronic electrocorticogram in focal epilepsy

van 't Klooster M. A., van Klink N. E C, van Blooijs D., Ferrier C. H., Braun K. P J, Leijten F. S S, Huiskamp G. J M, Zijlmans M. 2017, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 128 , p. 858-866 9 p.

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