prof. dr. J. (Judith) Klumperman

Full Professor

  • Cell Biology

prof. dr. J. (Judith) Klumperman


Since 2001 Judith Klumperman is professor of Cell Biology and since 2008 chair of the Department of Cell Biology at the UMC Utrecht. She is also head of the Cell Microscopy Core of the UMC Utrecht, which is widely recognized as one of the best expertise centers in the world for immuno-electron microscopy. On a yearly basis the UMC Utrechts trains and assist over 40 scientists from the Netherlands and 15-20 international guests.She is often asked for expert microscopy advise and participate(d) in a large number of international collaborations.

Her research focus on understanding the molecular basis of human diseases, with an emphasis on diseases of the endo-lysosomal system. Diseases specifically addressed in my work are: Lysosomal storage disorders (Pompe disease; Mucolipidosis II/I-Cell disease) – Alzheimer disease – Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (pigmentation bleeding disorder) - Cancer – virus and bacterial infections – ARC syndrome –Microvillar inclusion Disease. In addition, her work has elucidated fundamental concepts of endosome and lysosome biogenesis, of which the most recent finding is a novel pathway for the delivery of lysosomal membrane proteins to the lysosomes.

Side Activities

  • Regular (>10) member or chair of Appointment Advisory Committee’s for new professors.

    Regular (>20) member of chair of thesis assessment committee’s (Universities of Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Leuven (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark)).

    ESFRI initiative EuroBioImaging. 2010-2014: Steering Committee (member). 2009-2014: WP4: Coordinator for Correlative Light Electron Microscopy.

    Utrecht PhD program ‘Biomembranes’. 2004-2006: Board member. 2007-2010: Chair. 2010 – now: Board member

    NL-BioImaging-AM. Dutch Roadmap initiative for Research Infrastructure for Advanced Microscopy. 2011-present: Vice-chair of the Project Management Team

    Dutch Technology Centre (DTL).2011-present: Member of the Core group

    Associate editor: Molecular Biology of the Cell. Editorial boards: Traffic, Histochemistry and Cell Biology, Biology of the Cell, PeerJ. Section editor: Current Opinion in Cell Biology. Member of FACULTY F1000

Fellowship and Awards

  • 2007: 20th Foundation lecture, Center for Cell and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India.

    2004: VICI Award (1.25M€) from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

    1998: UMC Utrecht award: Attraction and maintenance of female talent.

Research Output (147)

Aquaporin-3 regulates endosome-to-cytosol transfer via lipid peroxidation for cross presentation

Nalle Sam C, Barreira da Silva Rosa, Zhang Hua, Decker Markus, Chalouni Cecile, Xu Min, Posthuma George, de Mazière Ann, Klumperman Judith, Baz Morelli Adriana, Fleire Sebastian J, Verkman Alan S, Trombetta E Sergio, Albert Matthew L, Mellman Ira nov 2020, In: PLoS ONE. 15 , p. e0238484

A paralog-specific role of COPI vesicles in the neuronal differentiation of mouse pluripotent cells

Jain Goyal Manu, Zhao Xiyan, Bozhinova Mariya, Andrade-López Karla, de Heus Cecilia, Schulze-Dramac Sandra, Müller-McNicoll Michaela, Klumperman Judith, Béthune Julien sep 2020, In: Life Science Alliance. 3 15 p.

Integrated super resolution fluorescence microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Mohammadian Sajjad, Agronskaia Alexandra V, Blab Gerhard A, van Donselaar Elly G, de Heus Cecilia, Liv Nalan, Klumperman Judith, Gerritsen Hans C aug 2020, In: Ultramicroscopy. 215 11 p.

Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods for Phenotypic Functional Genomics Screening

Omta Wienand A, van Heesbeen Roy G, Shen Ian, de Nobel Jacob, Robers Desmond, van der Velden Lieke M, Medema René H, Siebes Arno P J M, Feelders Ad J, Brinkkemper Sjaak, Klumperman Judith S, Spruit Marco René, Brinkhuis Matthieu J S, Egan David A jul 2020, In: SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D. 25 , p. 655-664 10 p.

Quantifying lymphocyte vacuolization serves as a measure of CLN3 disease severity

Kuper Willemijn F E, Oostendorp Marlies, van den Broek Brigitte T A, van Veghel Karin, Nonkes Lourens J P, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Fuchs Sabine A, Veenendaal Tineke, Klumperman Judith, Huisman Albert, Nierkens Stefan, van Hasselt Peter M jul 2020, In: JIMD Reports. 54 , p. 87-97 11 p.

SKIP-HOPS recruits TBC1D15 for a Rab7-to-Arl8b identity switch to control late endosome transport

Jongsma Marlieke Lm, Bakker Jeroen, Cabukusta Birol, Liv Nalan, van Elsland Daphne, Fermie Job, Akkermans Jimmy Ll, Kuijl Coenraad, van der Zanden Sabina Y, Janssen Lennert, Hoogzaad Denise, van der Kant Rik, Wijdeven Ruud H, Klumperman Judith, Berlin Ilana, Neefjes Jacques 21 feb 2020, In: EMBO Journal. 39 , p. e102301

Single-cell analysis uncovers that metabolic reprogramming by ErbB2 signaling is essential for cardiomyocyte proliferation in the regenerating heart

Honkoop Hessel, de Bakker Dennis Em, Aharonov Alla, Kruse Fabian, Shakked Avraham, Nguyen Phong D, de Heus Cecilia, Garric Laurence, Muraro Mauro J, Shoffner Adam, Tessadori Federico, Peterson Joshua Craiger, Noort Wendy, Bertozzi Alberto, Weidinger Gilbert, Posthuma George, Grun Dominic, van der Laarse Willem J, Klumperman Judith, Jaspers Richard T, Poss Kenneth D, van Oudenaarden Alexander, Tzahor Eldad, Bakkers Jeroen 23 dec 2019, In: eLife. 8

The ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2QL1 coordinates lysophagy in response to endolysosomal damage

Koerver Lisa, Papadopoulos Chrisovalantis, Liu Bin, Kravic Bojana, Rota Giulia, Brecht Lukas, Veenendaal Tineke, Polajnar Mira, Bluemke Anika, Ehrmann Michael, Klumperman Judith, Jäättelä Marja, Behrends Christian, Meyer Hemmo 4 okt 2019, In: EMBO Reports. 20

DGAT2 partially compensates for lipid-induced ER stress in human DGAT1-deficient intestinal stem cells

van Rijn Jorik M, van Hoesel Marliek, de Heus Cecilia, van Vugt Anke H M, Klumperman Judith, Nieuwenhuis Edward, Houwen Roderick H J, Middendorp Sabine 17 jul 2019, In: Journal of Lipid Research. 60 , p. 1787-1800 14 p.

The hepatic WASH complex is required for efficient plasma LDL and HDL cholesterol clearance

Wijers Melinde, Zanoni Paolo, Liv Nalan, Vos Dyonne Y, Jäckstein Michelle Y, Smit Marieke, Wilbrink Sanne, Wolters Justina C, van der Veen Ydwine T, Huijkman Nicolette, Dekker Daphne, Kloosterhuis Niels, van Dijk Theo H, Billadeau Daniel D, Kuipers Folkert, Klumperman Judith, von Eckardstein Arnold, Kuivenhoven Jan Albert, van de Sluis Bart 6 jun 2019, In: JCI Insight. 4

All Research Output (147)