prof. dr. O.W. Kranenburg

prof. dr. O.W. Kranenburg

Full Professor
prof. dr. O.W. Kranenburg
  • Lab Translational Oncology



Onno Kranenburg received his PhD in 1995 from Leiden University (Prof Lex van der Eb). He then studied RAS and RHO small GTPase signaling in cancer in the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Prof Wouter Moolenaar). In 2000 he became senior Post-Doc in the Dept of Medical Oncology in the UMC Utrecht (Prof Emile Voest) where he started his translational studies on the mechanism of action of anti-angiogenic drugs. In 2003 he became Assistant Professor and PI at the Dept. of Surgery (Prof Inne Borel Rinkes) and started to work on the mechanisms of colon cancer metastasis, initially focusing on the role of the K-RAS oncogene.  In 2006 he became Associate Professor, head of the Surgery Lab and staff member at the Dept. of Surgery. In 2012 he became coordinator of the PhD research school Clinical and Translational Oncology. In 2015 he was appointed Professor of Surgical and Translational Tumor Biology at the Cancer Center UMC Utrecht where he continues to design and test novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of colon cancer metastasis. 

Side Activities

2013-present: Coordinator of the PhD program Clinical and Translational Oncology


2005-present Head Laboratory Translational Oncology


2018-present: chair working group translational research Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group (DCCG)


2018-present: Chair U-PORT

Fellowship and Awards

1. KWF2015-8088. Targeting mesenchymal-tyope colon cancer by aggravating oxidative damage. €573.500. 
2. Scope: Modulation of chemotherapy efficacy and toxicity by nutrition in metastatic colorectal cancer. €586.000.
3. ZonMw 2014: PDGF-receptor-targeted therapy for the treatment of poor prognosis mesenchymal-type colon cancer: A window trial. €108.000
4. Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds 2014: The relationship between primary colorectal tumors and their liver metastases: Biological subgroups and therapy response. €290.000
5. Vrienden UMC Utrecht 2013. Title: Targeting colon tumors at their root: Elimination of Cancer Stem Cells. €217.000   
6. KWF UU2011-5226 Title: LIMK1 control of CD95 function in colorectal cancer. €553.300   
7. KWF UU2011-5135. Suppression of LIMK1 by oncogenic KRAS and RAF1: A critical survival pathway in colorectal cancer? €560.000
8. KWF UU2009-4417. The contribution of CD95 signalling to recurrence of colorectal liver metastases following radiofrequency ablation. €592.100   

Research Output (134)

Dose finding study for unilobar radioembolization using holmium-166 microspheres to improve resectability in patients with HCC:the RALLY protocol

Andel Daan, Lam Marnix G.E.H., de Bruijne Joep, Smits Maarten L.J., Braat Arthur J.A.T., Moelker Adriaan, Vegt Erik, Ruiter Simeon J.S., Noordzij Walter, Grazi Gianluca, Vallati Giulio E., Bennink Roel J., van Delden Otto M., Kranenburg Onno W., Ijzermans Jan N.M., Nijkamp Maarten W., Erdmann Joris I., Sciuto Rosa, Hagendoorn Jeroen, Borel Rinkes Inne H.M. 18 Aug 2023, In: BMC Cancer. 23 , p. 1-9

Patient-derived head and neck cancer organoids allow treatment stratification and serve as a tool for biomarker validation and identification

Millen Rosemary, De Kort Willem W.B., Koomen Mandy, van Son Gijs J.F., Gobits Roán, Penning de Vries Bas, Begthel Harry, Zandvliet Maurice, Doornaert Patricia, Raaijmakers Cornelis P.J., Geurts Maarten H., Elias Sjoerd G., van Es Robert J.J., de Bree Remco, Devriese Lot A., Willems Stefan M., Kranenburg Onno, Driehuis Else, Clevers Hans 12 May 2023, In: Med. 4 , p. 290-310.e12

Fibroblast Activation Protein Inhibitor-PET Imaging in Colorectal Cancer

Strating Esther, van de Loo Anne, Elias Sjoerd, Lam Marnix, Kranenburg Onno 6 Apr 2023, In: PET Clinics. 18 , p. 325-335 11 p.

Lymphatic Invasion of Plakoglobin-Dependent Tumor Cell Clusters Drives Formation of Polyclonal Lung Metastases in Colon Cancer

Küçükköse Emre, Laoukili Jamila, Gorelick Alexander N., Degner Sebastian, Laclé Miangela M., van den Bent Lotte, Peters Niek A., Verheem André, Hung Wei Ting, Frenkel Nicola C., Wassenaar Emma C.E., Lansu Nico, Lenos Kristiaan J., Vermeulen Louis, Koopman Miriam, Roodhart Jeanine M.L., Kops Geert J.P.L., Borel Rinkes Inne H.M., Hagendoorn Jeroen, Naxerova Kamila, Kranenburg Onno 10 Mar 2023, In: Gastroenterology. 165 , p. 429-444.e15

Predicting early extrahepatic recurrence after local treatment of colorectal liver metastases

Wensink G. E., Bolhuis Karen, Elferink Marloes A.G., Fijneman Remond J.A., Kranenburg Onno, Borel Rinkes Inne H.M., Koopman Miriam, Swijnenburg Rutger Jan, Vink Geraldine R., Hagendoorn Jeroen, Punt Cornelis J.A., Roodhart Jeanine M.L., Elias Sjoerd G. 1 Mar 2023, In: British Journal of Surgery. 110 , p. 362-371 10 p.

Colorectal liver metastases that survive radioembolization display features of aggressive tumor behavior

Andel Daan, Hagendoorn Jeroen, Alsultan Ahmed Aziz, Lacle Miangela Marie, Smits Maarten Leonard Johannes, Braat Arthur Johannes Anthonius Theodorus, Kranenburg Onno, Lam Marnix Gerard Ernest Hendrik, Borel Rinkes Inne Hilbrand Max 2023, In: International Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Association.. 25 , p. 1345-1353 9 p.

Co-cultures of colon cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts recapitulate the aggressive features of mesenchymal-like colon cancer

Strating Esther, Verhagen Mathijs P, Wensink Emerens, Dünnebach Ester, Wijler Liza, Aranguren Itziar, De la Cruz Alberto Sanchez, Peters Niek A, Hageman Joris H, van der Net Mirjam M C, van Schelven Susanne, Laoukili Jamila, Fodde Riccardo, Roodhart Jeanine, Nierkens Stefan, Snippert Hugo, Gloerich Martijn, Rinkes Inne Borel, Elias Sjoerd G, Kranenburg Onno 2023, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 14

Tissue clearing and immunostaining to visualize the spatial organization of vasculature and tumor cells in mouse liver

Frenkel Nicola, Poghosyan Susanna, van Wijnbergen Jan Willem, van den Bent Lotte, Wijler Liza, Verheem André, Borel Rinkes Inne, Kranenburg Onno, Hagendoorn Jeroen 2023, In: Frontiers in oncology. 13 10 p.

Modeling resistance of colorectal peritoneal metastases to immune checkpoint blockade in humanized mice

Küçükköse Emre, Heesters Balthasar A, Villaudy Julien, Verheem André, Cercel Madalina, van Hal Susan, Boj Sylvia F, Borel Rinkes Inne H M, Punt Cornelis J A, Roodhart Jeanine M L, Laoukili Jamila, Koopman Miriam, Spits Hergen, Kranenburg Onno Dec 2022, In: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer. 10

BRAF<sup>V600E</sup> in colorectal cancer reduces sensitivity to oxidative stress and promotes site-specific metastasis by stimulating glutathione synthesis

Laoukili Jamila, van Schelven Susanne, Küçükköse Emre, Verheem André, Goey Kaitlyn, Koopman Miriam, Borel Rinkes Inne, Kranenburg Onno 29 Nov 2022, In: Cell Reports. 41 , p. 1-22

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