K.M. (Kimberley) Timmins

PHD Candidate - Other

  • Researchgr. Hart-brein as.

K.M. (Kimberley) Timmins


Kim graduated with a Masters degree in Physics from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. During her time in St Andrews, she spent a summer working with the Optical Manipulation Group, designing a single fibre optical trap. She had the opportunity to undertake an internship with the South Pole Telescope Team at Fermilab in Chicago. She undertook her masters thesis at the Scottish Photodyanmic Therapy Centre, Ninewells Hospital which involved characterising light meters for use in Daylight Photodynamic Therapy.

Kim started her PhD in October 2018 as part of the Images Sciences Institute at the UMC Utrecht. She is woking under the supervision of Hugo Kuijf ( looking at image analysis in MRI of brain hemodynamics, particularly on the detection and characteristaion of unruptured intercranial aneurysms.