prof. dr. C. (Cindy) Veenhof

Full Professor

  • Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Science & Sport
  • Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Science & Sport

prof. dr. C. (Cindy) Veenhof

Research Programs


Cindy Veenhof is professor in Clinical Health Sciences, specifically Physiotherapy Sciences at the Department Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy Science & Sport. Her research focuses on:

- Use of technology within physiotherapy / exercise therapy

- Physical fitness before, during and after hospital stay

- the role of physiotherapy in the community (zorg in de wijk)

Her research is closely linked to the daily practice of physiotherapy.  She has a lot of focus on the questions from daily practice and also on the implementation of the results in daily practice.  She performs her research both in primary care and UMC Utrecht and also in the Center for Physiotherapy Research & Innovation in Primary Care at Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Care Centers.

Cindy Veenhof is responsible for the Physiotherapy Sciences Master Program of the University Utrecht (annual graduation 20-25 students) and supervises around 15 PdD students.

She has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, over forty practice publications and contributed to several books.

Research line

Physiotherapy, physical (in)activity, innovation, eHealth, implementation, peri-operative fitness


Side Activities

  • Member of Advisory Board, Center for Man in Aviation of Royal Netherlands Air Force

    Professor, Research Group Innovation of Mobility Care, Expertise Center Innovation of Care, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht

    Coordinator Master Physical Therapy Science, Master Clinical Health Sciences, Utrecht University

    Chair of Committee on Sport and Physical Activity Interventions, Knowledge Center for Sports Netherlands

Research Output (43)

Usability and Preliminary Effectiveness of a Preoperative mHealth App for People Undergoing Major Surgery:Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

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Movement behaviour patterns in patients with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis in the physical therapy setting:a cross-sectional study

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A Blended Physiotherapy Intervention for Persons With Hemophilic Arthropathy:Development Study

Timmer Merel A, Kloek Corelien J J, de Kleijn Piet, Kuijlaars Isolde A R, Schutgens Roger E G, Veenhof Cindy, Pisters Martijn F 19 jun 2020, In: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 22 , p. e16631

Movement behaviour patterns in adults with haemophilia

Timmer Merel A, Veenhof Cindy, de Kleijn Piet, de Bie Rob A, Schutgens Roger E G, Pisters Martijn F mrt 2020, In: Therapeutic advances in hematology. 11 , p. 2040620719896959 9 p.

Quality of life in primary care patients with moderate medically unexplained physical symptoms

Van Westrienen P. E., Pisters M. F., Toonders S. A. J., Gerrits M., De Wit N. J., Veenhof C. mrt 2020, In: Quality of Life Research. 29 , p. 693-703 11 p.

Development and proof of concept of a blended physiotherapeutic intervention for patients with non-specific low back pain

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Movement Behavior Patterns in People With First-Ever Stroke

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Sporting programs aimed at inactive population groups in the Netherlands:Factors influencing their long-term sustainability in the organized sports setting

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Identifying subgroups based on self-management skills in primary care patients with moderate medically unexplained physical symptoms

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Measuring physical activity levels in hospitalized patients:a comparison between behavioural mapping and data from an accelerometer

Valkenet Karin, Bor Petra, van Delft Lotte, Veenhof Cindy 1 jul 2019, In: Clinical Rehabilitation. 33 , p. 1233-1240 8 p.

All Research Output (43)