dr. G.W. (Gijs) van Haaften

Associate Professor

  • Research Genetics

dr. G.W. (Gijs) van Haaften


Areas of expertise

The last five years I have established my own research group working on the genetics and biology of orphan diseases with a focus on metabolic disorders. In my vision genetics is the crucial connecting factor between patients, clinicians, diagnostics, translational research and basic research. I believe in highly collaborative science where my broad background allows me to unite the important stakeholders. My background is highly multidisciplinairy, I studied (bio)chemistry, obtained a PhD in model system genetics followed by postdoctoral work in human disease biology. I have led several successful collaborations, uniting clinicians, lab specialists and researchers from within the UMCU, the Hubrecht Institute and elsewhere, leading to the identification of novel genetic causes of human diseases and last author publications in excellent journals such as Nature Genetics, the New England Journal of Medicine and the American Journal of Human Genetics.


Research program / group

My research group works on the genetics and biology of orphan diseases. We use the latest sequencing technology to identify the causal mutations in rare genetic disorders. Subsequently we study the consequences of these mutations in model systems as human cell lines and the zebrafish. For the zebrafish work we collaborate closely with the lab of Jeroen Bakkers at the Hubrecht institute.

I coordinate the CantuTreat consortium under the frame of E-Rare-2, the ERA-Net for Research on Rare Diseases. The main goal of the €500.000 grant is to develop a therapeutic approach for Cantu syndrome. The project involves setting up a global patient registry and in silico, in vitro and in vivo testing of sulfonylurea drugs to correct the function of the mutated KATP channel.

  • Identification of the genetic cause of orphan diseases. We combine whole exome sequencing and subsequent functional studies to pinpoint the causal mutations in several congenital disorders.
  • Towards treatment of Cantu syndrome. In 2012 we discovered the genetic cause of Cantu syndrome. This rare genetic disorder, characterized by congenital hypertrichosis, distinctive facial features and cardiac defects, is caused by usually de novo missense mutations in the K-ATP channel subunit ABCC9. Currently we are investigating whether drugs targeting this channel might be beneficial for Cantu patients.
  • Congenital heart disease. In collaboration with several departments within the UMC Utrecht we perform genetic analysis and subsequent functional studies to further understand how we can help children with congenital heart disease in the best possible way.


Group members

Albertien van Eerde (Post doc)
Anukrati Nigam (PhD student)
Christina Stangl (PhD student)
Edith Peters (Technician)
Federico Tessadori (Senior Post doc)
Glen Monroe (Post doc)
Helen Roessler (PhD student)
Joachim Kutzera (Post doc)
Joline Roze (PhD student)
Karen Duran (Senior Technician)
Kirsten Renkema (Assistant prof)
Rozemarijn Snoek (PhD student)
Sanne Savelberg (Technician)


Selected publications

Side Activities

  • Head of section research genetics
    Member of management team department of Genetics
    Coordinator of the CantuTreat consortium (ERare 2014)

Fellowship and Awards

  • NWO Veni fellowship 2010
    EMBO long-term fellowship 2006
    Best paper (Erfelijke Stofwisselsziekten Nederland, 2015)

Research Output (82)

Whole Genome Analysis of Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumors Reveals Tumor Heterogeneity and a High-Grade TP53-Specific Subgroup

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A de novo variant in the human HIST1H4J gene causes a syndrome analogous to the HIST1H4C-associated neurodevelopmental disorder

Tessadori Federico, Rehman Atteeq U, Giltay Jacques C, Xia Fan, Streff Haley, Duran Karen, Bakkers Jeroen, Lalani Seema R, van Haaften Gijs mei 2020, In: European Journal of Human Genetics. 28 , p. 674-678 5 p.

Pyridox(am)ine 5'-phosphate oxidase (PNPO) deficiency in zebrafish results in fatal seizures and metabolic aberrations

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Cantú syndrome:Findings from 74 patients in the International Cantú Syndrome Registry

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EML1-associated brain overgrowth syndrome with ribbon-like heterotopia

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ABCC9-related Intellectual disability Myopathy Syndrome is a KATP channelopathy with loss-of-function mutations in ABCC9

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Glibenclamide and HMR1098 normalize Cantú syndrome-associated gain-of-function currents

Houtman Marien J C, Chen Xingyu, Qile Muge, Duran Karen, van Haaften Gijs, Stary-Weinzinger Anna, van der Heyden Marcel A G 1 aug 2019, In: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 23 , p. 4962-4969 8 p.

Identification of human D lactate dehydrogenase deficiency

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Impaired EIF2S3 function associated with a novel phenotype of X-linked hypopituitarism with glucose dysregulation

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Natural helix 9 mutants of PPARγ differently affect its transcriptional activity

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