dr. J. (Jorg) van Loosdregt

Associate Professor

  • Laboratory for Translational Immunology (LTI)
  • Immuno/reuma onderzoek 3

dr. J. (Jorg) van Loosdregt


Jorg van Loosdregt (1981) obtained his PhD at the Molecular Immunology laboratory, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. Here, he studied the regulation of the transcription factor FOXP3, which is crucial for both the differentiation and function of Regulatory T cells, and therefore for maintaining immune homeostasis. After completing his PhD program in 2011 (cum laude) Jorg moved to the Department of Translational Research, at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Institute in San Diego, USA, on a fellowship from the Dutch Arthritis Foundation.  Here he investigated the role of autophagy in orchestrating effector T cell responses, with a focus on rheumatoid arthritis. Since December 2013 van Loosdregt is working in the laboratory for translational immunology (LTI) and Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) where he is supported by a VENI fellowship.  Here he uses a translational approach to study the molecular pathways that are deregulated in autoimmune diseases with the aim of identifying novel therapeutic strategies to treat these diseases.

Fellowship and Awards

  • 2016:                                 Wilhelmina Childrens hospital, fellowship €150.000

    2015:                                 Dutch Arthritis Foundation, fellowship €160.000

    2014:                                 NWO VENI, fellowship €250.000

    2014:                                 Wilhelmina Childrens hospital, fellowship €150.000

    2013:                                 NWO Graduate Program, fellowship €200.000

    (together with J. Peeters and P. Coffer)

    2012:                                 Eureka translational medicine programme, scholarship €2.500

    2012:                                 Girard de Mielet van Coehoorn Foundation, prize €2.000

    2012:                                 Dutch Arthritis Foundation, fellowship €134.000

    2011:                                 Thesis defence honored Cum Laude 

    2010:                                 Dutch Society of Immunology, travel grant €500

    2009:                                 UMC Utrecht, prize €500

Research Output (29)

Treatment to Target Using Recombinant Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist as First-Line Monotherapy in New-Onset Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis:Results From a Five-Year Follow-Up Study

ter Haar Nienke M., van Dijkhuizen E. H.Pieter, Swart Joost F., van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, el Idrissi Ayman, Leek Arjen P., de Jager Wilco, de Groot Mark C.H., Haitjema Saskia, Holzinger Dirk, Foell Dirk, van Loosdregt Jorg, Wulffraat Nico M., de Roock Sytze, Vastert Sebastiaan J. 8 mrt 2019, In: Arthritis & Rheumatology. 71 , p. 1163-1173 11 p.

Restoring T cell tolerance, exploring the potential of histone deacetylase inhibitors for the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Nijhuis Lotte, Peeters Janneke G.C., Vastert Sebastiaan J., Van Loosdregt Jorg 7 feb 2019, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 10

Molecular mechanisms of autophagic memory in pathogenic T cells in human arthritis

Kumar Pavanish, Yao Leong Jing, Saidin Suzan, Paleja Bhairav, van Loosdregt Jorg, Chua Camillus, Arkachaisri Thaschawee, Consolaro Alessandro, Gattorno Marco, Martini Alberto, Pischel Ken D., Williams Gary W., Lotz Martin, Albani Salvatore 1 nov 2018, In: Journal of Autoimmunity. 94 , p. 90-98 9 p.

The role of WNT signaling in mature T cells:T cell factor is coming home

Van Loosdregt Jorg, Coffer Paul J. 15 okt 2018, In: Journal of Immunology. 201 , p. 2193-2200 8 p.

Dutch juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients, carers and clinicians create a research agenda together following the James Lind Alliance method:A study protocol

Schoemaker Casper G., Armbrust Wineke, Swart Joost F., Vastert Sebastiaan J., Van Loosdregt Jorg, Verwoerd Anouk, Whiting Caroline, Cowan Katherine, Olsder Wendy, Versluis Els, Van Vliet Rens, Fernhout Marlous J., Bookelman Sanne L., Cappon Jeannette, Van Den Berg J. Merlijn, Schatorjé Ellen, Muller Petra C.E.Hissink, Kamphuis Sylvia, De Boer Joke, Lelieveld Otto T.H.M., Van Der Net Janjaap, Jongsma Karin R., Van Rensen Annemiek, Dedding Christine, Wulffraat Nico M. 15 sep 2018, In: Pediatric Rheumatology. 16

Transcriptional and epigenetic profiling of nutrient-deprived cells to identify novel regulators of autophagy

Peeters J. G.C., Picavet L. W., Coenen S. G.J.M., Mauthe M., Vervoort S. J., Mocholi E., de Heus C., Klumperman J., Vastert S. J., Reggiori F., Coffer P. J., Mokry M., van Loosdregt J. 28 aug 2018, In: Autophagy. 15 , p. 98-112 15 p.

Increased autophagy contributes to the inflammatory phenotype of juvenile idiopathic arthritis synovial fluid T cells

Peeters Janneke G. C., de Graeff Nienke, Lotz Martin, Albani Salvatore, de Roock Sytze, van Loosdregt Jorg 1 okt 2017, In: Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 56 , p. 1694-1699 6 p.

Enhancers in autoimmune arthritis:Implications and therapeutic potential

Peeters Janneke G. C., Vastert Sebastiaan J, van Wijk Femke, van Loosdregt Jorg 30 jun 2017, In: Arthritis & Rheumatology. 69 , p. 1925–1936 12 p.

Increased autophagy in CD4(+) T cells of rheumatoid arthritis patients results in T-cell hyperactivation and apoptosis resistance

van Loosdregt Jorg, Rossetti Maura, Spreafico Roberto, Moshref Maryam, Olmer Merissa, Williams Gary W, Kumar Pavanish, Copeland Dana, Pischel Ken, Lotz Martin, Albani Salvatore dec 2016, In: European Journal of Immunology. 46 , p. 2862-2870 9 p.

A circulating reservoir of pathogenic-like CD4+ T cells shares a genetic and phenotypic signature with the inflamed synovial micro-environment

Spreafico Roberto, Rossetti Maura, van Loosdregt Jorg, Wallace Carol A, Massa Margherita, Magni-Manzoni Silvia, Gattorno Marco, Martini Alberto, Lovell Daniel J, Albani Salvatore feb 2016, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 75 , p. 459-465 7 p.

All Research Output (29)