MIND is a collaboration between the BCRM IPSC facility (headed by Pasterkamp) and the Biology Imaging Center at the Faculty of Science (headed by Casper Hoogenraad). Utrecht has a strong tradition in studying the developing and diseased brain and a wealth of information on brain development and disease is coming together from different disciplines (epidemiology, clinical genetics, neurobiology and imaging). This information needs to be translated into biological models for dissecting disease mechanisms and for setting up tractable therapy. The aim of the MIND Research Facility is to develop 2D and 3D cultures of human neurons and to monitor in 3D and optogenetically manipulate these cultures using innovative microscopic approaches. This combined technology of IPSC/organoid cultures, 3D imaging and optogenetics control is unique and crucial for understanding and treating brain disorders, and for facilitating the ever increasing focus of the UU and UMC Utrecht on brain development and disease.