On Thursday March 14, the fourth edition of the Dutch Neurodevelopmental Disorders Day took place in Utrecht. The visitors listened to various speakers from neuroscience, biology, psychology and neurology and that led to active discussions. "Bringing all these different disciplines together is important," says Prof. Freek Hoebeek, one of the organizers. "The better we are aware of the latest developments, the better we can work together and in the and organize research and healthcare."

During the day, the focus was on the causes, consequences and cures of neurological disorders. Professor Vittorio Gallo was the main speaker on this day. He is a leading expert in the field of diffuse white matter injury (DWMI). His team has pioneered several experimental approaches that fueled several clinical trials for the use of stem cells in curing DWMI.

Additionally, Dr. Joris de Wit (KU Leuven) and Prof. Christian Lohmann (NIN, Amsterdam) presented their latest work on synapse formation and early neuronal network activity. Several other speakers, including Dr. Caroline de Theije and Renata Vieira de Sa, presented cutting-edge data on neonatal brain damage, synapse formation, genetic disorders leading to intellectual disability and autistic spectrum disorders and glial-based neurological disorders.