The PACT, a promising new diagnostic platelet function test, was awarded an incentive award by the Center for Circulatory Health of the University Medical Center Utrecht during its first public meets private event Circulation of Knowledge. 

The PACT( is able to predict bleeding risk based on platelet function defects, even at low platelet count. The latter is not possible with the diagnostic platelet function tests currently available in the clinical diagnostic laboratories. The PACT requires only minimal amounts of blood, making it also the only suitable test for detection of platelet function in paediatric patients and infants.
The jury of Circulation of Knowledge was impressed with the valorisation and validation opportunities of the PACT and envisions an important future for the test in clinical diagnostics. The jury awarded the innovation with an incentive of 50,000 euros, provided that it is matched by the private industry. 
In addition to the PACT, five other inventions to improve healthcare were pitched to the audience during Circulation of Knowledge. Karin Gerritsen, internist-nephrologist, presented a cartridge for the wearable artificial kidney that is able to remove the waste product urea. Hamid el Azzouzi, assistent professor Experimental Cardiology, showed the audience a future diagnostic tool for heart failure based on tissue specific and edited sets of RNA species extracellular microvesicles derived from patients. Gideon Valstar, PhD student Experimental Cardiology, introduced de the HELPFul study, which is designed to discover and validate biomarkers in patients with with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). Raymond Schiffelers, professor of Nanomedicine, enthused the public about two innovations concerning the transport of therapeutics to diseased heart tissue using nanomedicine. 
‘Circulation of Knowledge’ was initiated by the Jacob Jongbloed Talent Society. It was the first edition of annually organized public meets private events on innovations in healthcare within the Center for Circulatory Health.  
Foto f.l.t.r.: Rolf Urbanus, Gideon Valstar, Hamid el Azzouzi, Raymond Schiffelers, Karin Gerritsen, Gerard Pasterkamp