Ante and perinatal damage

The “reproductive and developmental origins of health and disease” hypothesis stresses the significance of the preconceptional, periconceptional, fetal and perinatal environment and events for the future health of the child. Our efforts are aimed at increasing knowledge, thereby aiming to develop new preventative and therapeutic interventions that ultimately will decrease or eliminate the burden of disease for the (prospective) parents and future children. Researchers in this program play key roles in national and international networks for their respective areas.

Pre- and periconception

The Center for Reproductive Medicine is a nationally and internationally accredited expert center and global leader in their scientific field. The primary goal is to optimize the chance of a healthy conception. 

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The antenatal research program concentrates on improvement of health for mother and baby in (high) risk pregnancies with focus on antenatal imaging (ultrasound and MRI) and genetic testing. 

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The Neonatal program focuses on better understanding systemic illnesses affecting brain development and brain injury in critically ill newborn, including congenital (cardiac) anomalies. 

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