Circulatory Health Research Center

Circulatory Health Research Center

The strategic theme Circulatory Health encompasses a broad range of research activities in clinical, translational and basic science. Here the research themes of the new Circulatory Health Research Center (CHRC) are presented.

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The Circulatory Health research community houses a broad range of scientific activities ranging from clinical (epidemiological) studies, translational studies and basic science. The Medical Physiology, Experimental Cardiology and the research group of the Clinical Diagnostics Center have decided to merge their infrastructure, and together with the cardiovascular researchers in Vascular Surgery, Clinical Cardiology and Clinical Genetics they are now presenting themselves as the Circulatory Health Research Center (CHRC).

Six research themes (see below) are all represented in a Steering Board that jointly makes decisions regarding infrastructure, talent management, education, communication and administrative issues. The representing members of the Steering Board can be found at each theme.

The Circulatory Health Research Center aims for an environment where

  • next to individual achievements specifically team efforts are recognized and rewarded
  • quality prevails over Quantity
  • Open Science is promoted
  • researchers act from bench to bedside and actively search for collaborations with clinical specialists. 

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Within the laboratories, the Circulatory Health Research Center has defined six research domains. Within each domain you can find the research groups and their principal investigators (PIs) that are active in that domain. In addition, within each domain you can find the research meetings with timeslots, locations and speakers of the coming week.

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We have started to make short video presentations of recently published research. They can be found on our Youtube channel.

Cardiac healthcare in an ageing population - a machine learning approach

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In deze folder bevindt zich extra informatie door middel van een video. Scan de bovenste QR-code met uw telefoon om deze video te bekijken. Of bekijk de video via:

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To get in touch with the Circulatory Health Research Center, send an email to

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To all colleagues:
Please note that the website is new and incomplete, so you may find that your research could be presented better or more completely. We need your feedback, nice pictures etcetera! 

In case your name is not included with a research (sub)theme, please make sure your PURE profile is publicly accessible (see Connect*), and after that notify us.

For pictures, information to be added and notifications, send an e-mail to

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