Teaching qualifications for teachers

Teaching qualifications for UMC Utrecht teachers

The UMC Utrecht has been charged with three main tasks, of which education is one. All those who provide university education must be trained and qualified to do so. The UMC Utrecht therefore adheres to the Utrecht University policy pertaining to teaching qualifications. If you are a teacher at the UMC Utrecht, you are expected to obtain a teaching qualification.


A basic qualification is mandatory for all permanent UMC Utrecht employees who, on an annual basis, spend half a day or more per week on university education, at least half of which is course-based education. Examples of such employees are work group supervisors, practicum supervisors, work placement supervisors, supervisors of interns or tutors.

Teachers at this level are qualified to provide education to students, are systematically and responsibly involved in education and are able to guide, instruct, test and evaluate students individually and in groups.

The BTQ certificate is a nationally recognized certificate since the signing of an agreement by the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) in 2008.


The senior qualification builds on the basic qualification and is mandatory for all employees who are appointed associate professor or professor of education. It is also mandatory for permanent UMC Utrecht employees at associate professor level or higher who, on an annual basis, spend half a day or more per week on university education during which they fulfill a formal coordinating or managerial role in education.

Examples of such staff are training coordinators; coordinators of course components; members of curriculum, block and/or line committee or members of a Training Council, Examination Board or Faculty Board.

Teachers at this level are skilled in developing and coordinating courses and have demonstrable teaching expertise in addition to the basic qualification skills. They are able to coordinate educational activities, act as examiner and manage, train, guide and supervise teachers.



Four requirements apply to both the basic qualification and the senior qualification:

  • Final attainment levels formulated by Utrecht University for professional, expert, didactic and organizational merits;
  • Minimum teaching experience;
  • A minimum number of didactic professionalization sessions;
  • A minimum number of observations and evaluations.

Schematic overview of teaching qualification requirements

-Basic Teaching QualificationSenior Teaching Qualification
Professional qualities   Activating abilitiesVision on university education
Specialist qualities Sufficient knowledge of the discipline to teach and to develop teaching material In-depth understanding of and vision on the discipline and its context
Didactic qualities
Designing, providing, testing and evaluating education at course levelBroad knowledge and experience of various forms of education / Experience in developing education at cross-course level
Organizational qualities
Course organization in collaboration with colleaguesInspiring management of the implementation and organization of education and educational innovation at course, faculty and/or university level
Practical teaching experienceA teaching load (dbu) of 160 hrs over the last five years 320 dbu over the last five years (of which 160 hrs already achieved at BTQ level)
Didactic professionalization 10 half-days attended in the last five years 20 half-days attended in the last five years (of which10 already attended at BTQ level)
Observations and evaluations
At least one observation of a fellow teacher; 
At least two course evaluations of one’s own teaching by students
At least two observations of a fellow teacher;
At least four course evaluations of one’s own teaching by students



Candidates are assessed on the basis of a personal portfolio to determine whether they meet the qualification criteria. The portfolio should demonstrate that the individual candidate meets all the criteria and how.

The process starts after enrollment with an intake session in which more information can be provided and questions can be asked. During the intake session, documents such as a portfolio model, checklists, observation forms and other additional information are handed out.



The procedure and specific final attainment levels are detailed in the Teaching Qualifications Manual.

To receive an electronic version of this manual, please send an e-mail to:



For more information, please contact:



coördinator: drs. J.M.E. van Bruggen

Teacher Training

Attending didactic training is an element in obtaining a teaching qualification.

For current courses, see Teacher Training


Every two months the Center for Education and Training organizes a one-hour seminar to help candidates in the BTQ/STQ process to compile a suitable portfolio. The topic of the meeting is derived from the final BTQ and STQ attainment levels.

After a brief introduction of the topic and based on your draft portfolio, you will discuss in small groups how you will approach the topic in your own teaching, how your colleagues will approach the topic in their teaching and how you can demonstrate and justify your approach in your portfolio.