The UMC Utrecht has an extensive collection of books, journals and search systems at the disposal of its students, researchers, healthcare professionals and staff members. The medical specialist of the Utrecht University Library manages this (mostly medical) collection on behalf of the UMC Utrecht.

Most books are available as e-books. A small part of the book collection is still only available in print. These books can be found in the Informatorium at the UMC Utrecht, in the Learning and Resource Center on the 3rd and 4th floors in the Hijmans van den Bergh building and in the central branch of the University Library at Utrecht Science Park (Heidelberglaan 3, 6th floor).

Collection available to all


All students are automatically a member and can make free use of the online collection of the University Library and the UMC Utrecht library.

UMC Utrecht researchers / healthcare professionals / staff members

All those employed by the UMC Utrecht have free internal and external access to the online collection of the Utrecht University Library and the UMC Utrecht library.

In addition, every staff member can become a free member of the University Library for borrowing the printed copies by applying for a library card at the Utrecht Science Park University Library (Heidelberglaan 3). This is a once-only requirement and solely for authentication purposes. University Library membership is also required for requesting articles or books that are not available in Utrecht.

Solis ID

Staff members

Staff members who are attached to the Utrecht University as teachers can apply for a Solis account (Solis-ID) at the University.

The Solis ID gives researchers and teachers access to numerous information systems and facilities both within and outside the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University.

Request a Solis ID

Library services


The library’s extensive collection (books, journals, search systems) can be accessed both from within and from outside the UMC Utrecht via the library’s website.


Libguides are online modules with useful tips, backgrounds and training for searching for and handling scientific information. View the libguides

The subject specialist provides training in searching for and handling scientific information (including evidence-based medicine) for all programs provided by the UMC Utrecht.

Research Support

The subject specialist advises researchers, healthcare professionals and other staff members of the UMC Utrecht in organizing and carrying out systematic desk research (e.g., for systematic reviews). The subject specialist can also provide information on such matters as literature management, Open Access publishing and making your research results more noticeable.

Accessibility and contact

Please feel free to contact the staff of the University library if you have any questions about the services the University library provides for education and research. If necessary, we will visit your department to give a presentation on our services.


+31 (0)88-7558088

+31 (0)88-7556982

Office: G01.503 (in the Informatorium in the UMC Utrecht)

Visiting hours: Monday through Friday: walk-in or by appointment

drs. Paulien Wiersma