Fundamental research

Fundamental research

This program focuses on understanding the molecular and cellular basis underlying tumor formation. This entails studying the involved cellular signaling pathways that are aberrantly regulated in cancer and that provide the basis for the ‘hallmarks of cancer’ such as genome instability and uncontrolled proliferation. Furthermore we study mechanisms of therapy resistance as well as the interaction between tumor cells and its microenvironment.

The enormous heterogeneity of tumors and the multitude of resistance mechanisms, even within one patient, makes this a challenging and daunting task. Knowledge generated in this program will be used to generate new potential diagnostics and therapeutic leads in the Translational Program of the strategic Program Cancer.

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Main fundamental UMC Utrecht groups are:

Center of Molecular Medicine



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 “Culture eats structure for breakfast”

prof. dr. Boudewijn Burgering

“Be open to the unexpected”.

prof. dr. Susanne Lens