Immune-mediated therapy & prevention


The focus of research activities in this theme are immune mediated therapy and prevention in:

  • Cancer (tumor immunology): research aims to provide personalized immune therapies to patients with malignancies by finding novel targets for cancer therapy (e.g. CAR T therapy), developing intelligent combinations with targeted therapies, and developing personalized transplantation care and next generation immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI).
  • Inflammatory diseases: research aims to provide personalized care to patients with IMIDS based on (immune) molecular profiling of these conditions. Furthermore, since there is growing evidence for different IMIDs sharing molecular profiles, we focus on developing intelligent clinical trial designs, as well as early clinical pipeline developmental programs in close collaboration with pharmaceutical industries. As chronic inflammation is often accompanied by chronic pain, we also develop novel pain treatments, with aim to bring these to the clinic.
  • Infectious diseases: research aims to guide the development and implementation of rational and evidence-based vaccination programs for medically vulnerable patients, and for society at large, in order to reduce the disease burden from vaccine-preventable diseases. In addition, through internationally-recognized and societally well-embedded research, we aim to improve treatment of immunocompromised patients suffering from difficult-to-treat bacterial infections, through developing therapeutic antibodies for drug-resistant bacterial infections.