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Clinical interventions and therapeutic innovations

This research area covers the development of novel therapies and interventions to eradicate cardiovascular disease and improve health worldwide. Safety and efficacy of treatment is key in the development process. The research area incorporates modelling strategies to predict patient responses to treatment using the individual’s genetic fingerprint and stretches out to cost-effectiveness analyses. Both therapies to prevent disease as well as therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases are being developed and tested.

Our research

Researchers in the research area Clinical interventions and therapeutic innovations share their passion for science. Their focus is on vascular imaging and biomarkers to study the efficacy and safety of anti-atherosclerotic treatments. Traditionally, ultrasound imaging of carotid artery intima media thickness has been a key focus. They were among the first to use this method in large-scale clinical trials and have set the standard for refinements in data acquisition, image analysis and subsequent interpretation of the data. They lead international consortia and set new standards, now moving towards new imaging technologies.

An example of a successful consortia on carotid artery intima media thickness is the USE-IMT study, a collaboration with 20 international research centers. The lack of vascular benefits of HDL raising CETP inhibitors demonstrates another example of the high impact of the research performed in this area. Alongside high impact clinical papers, state of the art assessment of the technical and conceptual aspects of vascular imaging are widely published (see key publications).

This research area focuses on clinical interventions, both in small and large patient groups, inside the UMC and outside the UMCU, excelling in international collaborations.

Key publications

Key reference: Den Ruijter HM, Peters SA, Anderson TJ, Britton AR, Dekker JM, Eijkemans MJ, Engström G, Evans GW, de Graaf J, Grobbee DE, Hedblad B, Hofman A, Holewijn S, Ikeda A, Kavousi M, Kitagawa K, Kitamura A, Koffijberg H, Lonn EM, Lorenz MW, Mathiesen EB, Nijpels G, Okazaki S, O’Leary DH, Polak JF, Price JF, Robertson C, Rembold CM, Rosvall M, Rundek T, Salonen JT, Sitzer M, Stehouwer CD, Witteman JC, Moons KG, Bots ML.

Common carotid intima-media thickness measurements in cardiovascular risk prediction: a meta-analysis. JAMA. 2012;308(8):796-803

Principal investigators


Prof.dr. D.E. Grobbee


Algra, Biessels, Klijn, Regli, Rinkel, van der Worp, Agostoni, Blankestijn, Bots, Chamuleau, Doevendans, Franx, Grobbee, van Herwaarden, Hoes, Meine, Moll, Rutten G, Rutten F, Visseren, Adan, Egberts, Klungel, Bleys, de Borst, Buijsrogge, Chamuleau, Dijkhuizen, Grundeman, Hoefer, de Kleijn, Kluijn, Pasterkamp, Vos, van Klei, van Dijk

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