Section Stem Cells

The section Stem Cells is located at the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht (RMCU) in the Hubrecht Institute. Their focus is on understanding the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that control (stem) cell fate decisions. To this end, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and mass spectrometry approaches, in combination with primary stem and organoid cell cultures, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, patient samples and animal models are utilized. 

This new research section currently consists of two PIs who work closely with translational scientists at the RMCU, clinicians of the UMCU and stem cell biologists at the Hubrecht Institute. Research training of biomedical students and clinicians is closely coupled with education. The section Stem Cells is active at both Masters and PhD level teaching within the Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology, Bijvoet School for Biomedical Research and Regenerative Medicine programs.

Research groups

The section Stem Cells is formed by the following research group:

Prof. Paul Coffer : research of his group aims to onderstand the molecular mechanisms underlying (stem) cell fate decisions with the context of immunology, cancer and regenerative medicine.

Principal investigators (PI's)


The secretariat of the section Stem Cells can be reached as follows: