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Research Output (83)

Possibilities and limitations of an in vitro three-dimensional bone marrow model for the prediction of clinical responses in patients with relapsed multiple myeloma

Braham Maaike V.J., Alblas Jacqueline, Dhert Wouter J.A., Öner F. Cumhur, Minnema Monique C. 30 okt 2019, In: Haematologica. 104 , p. E523-E526

A Human Hematopoietic Niche Model Supporting Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells In Vitro

Braham Maaike V. J., Yim Amelie S. P. Li, Mateos Jara Garcia, Minnema Monique C., Dhert Wouter J. A., Oner F. Cumhur, Robin Catherine, Alblas Jacqueline 23 mei 2019, In: Advanced Healthcare Materials. 8

The role of bacterial stimuli in inflammation-driven bone formation

Croes M., Kruyt M. C., Boot W., Pouran B., Braham M. V., Pakpahan S. A., Weinans H., Vogely H. C., Fluit A. C., Dhert W. J., Alblas J., Öner F. C. 16 mei 2019, In: European Cells & Materials. 37 , p. 402-419 18 p.

The Osteoinductive Effect of Controlled Bone Morphogenic Protein 2 Release Is Location Dependent

Olthof Maurits G.L., Lu Lichun, Tryfonidou Marianna A., Loozen Loek D., Pouran Behdad, Yaszemski Michael J., Meij Björn P., Dhert Wouter J.A., Alblas Jacqueline, Kempen Diederik H.R. 1 feb 2019, In: Tissue Engineering - Part A. 25 , p. 193-202 10 p.

BMP-2 gene delivery in cell-loaded and cell-free constructs for bone regeneration

Loozen Loek D., Kruyt Moyo C., Kragten Angela H.M., Schoenfeldt Ted, Croes Michiel, Oner Cumhur F., Dhert Wouter J.A., Alblas Jacqueline 1 jan 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14

Data on a rat infection model to assess porous titanium implant coatings

Croes M., de Visser H., Meij B. P., Lietart K., van der Wal B. C.H., Vogely H. C., Fluit A. C., Boel C. H.E., Alblas J., Weinans H., Amin Yavari S. 1 dec 2018, In: Data in Brief. 21 , p. 1642-1648 7 p.

Interleukin 17 enhances bone morphogenetic protein-2-induced ectopic bone formation

Croes M., Kruyt M. C., Groen W. M., Van Dorenmalen K. M.A., Dhert W. J.A., Öner F. C., Alblas J. 1 dec 2018, In: Scientific Reports. 8 13 p.

Antibacterial and immunogenic behavior of silver coatings on additively manufactured porous titanium

Croes M., Bakhshandeh S., van Hengel I. A.J., Lietaert K., van Kessel K. P.M., Pouran B., van der Wal B. C.H., Vogely H. C., Van Hecke W., Fluit A. C., Boel C. H.E., Alblas J., Zadpoor A. A., Weinans H., Amin Yavari S. nov 2018, In: Acta Biomaterialia. 81 , p. 315-327

Osteoinduction by Ex Vivo Nonviral Bone Morphogenetic Protein Gene Delivery Is Independent of Cell Type

Loozen Loek D., Kruyt Moyo C., Vandersteen Angela, Kragten Angela H.M., Croes Michiel, Öner F. Cumhur, Alblas Jacqueline 1 okt 2018, In: Tissue Engineering - Part A. 24 , p. 1423-1431 9 p.

Neutrophils inhibit synthesis of mineralized extracellular matrix by human bone marrow-derived stromal cells in vitro

Bastian Okan W., Croes Michiel, Alblas Jacqueline, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P.H., Blokhuis Taco J. 1 mei 2018, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 9 , p. 945