dr. J.E. (Joop) Arends

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Decreased All-Cause and Liver-Related Mortality Risk in HIV/Hepatitis B Virus Coinfection Coinciding With the Introduction of Tenofovir-Containing Combination Antiretroviral Therapy

van Welzen Berend J, Smit Colette, Boyd Anders, Lieveld Faydra I, Mudrikova Tania, Reiss Peter, Brouwer Annemarie E, Hoepelman Andy I M, Arends Joop E 1 jul 2020, In: Open forum infectious diseases. 7

High efavirenz levels but not neurofilament light plasma levels are associated with poor neurocognitive functioning in asymptomatic HIV patients

Hakkers Charlotte S, Hermans Anne Marie, van Maarseveen Erik M, Teunissen Charlotte E, Verberk Inge M W, Arends Joop E, Hoepelman Andy I M 10 jun 2020, In: Journal of Neurovirology. 26 , p. 572-580 9 p.

The use of corticosteroids does not influence CD4+ lymphocyte recovery in HIV-infected patients with advanced immunodeficiency

van Welzen Berend J, de Vries Tamar I, Arends Joop E, Mudrikova Tania, Hoepelman Andy I M 2 jun 2020, In: Aids care. 32 , p. 701-704 4 p.

The balancing perspective of hard-to-reach hepatitis C patients who were lost to follow-up:A qualitative study

Kracht Patricia A M, Arends Joop E, Hoepelman Andy I M, Vervoort Sigrid C J M 13 apr 2020, In: PLoS ONE. 15

Hepatitis C elimination in the Netherlands (CELINE):Study protocol for nationwide retrieval of lost to follow-up patients with chronic hepatitis C

Isfordink Cas J., Brakenhoff Sylvia M., Van Dijk Marleen, Van Der Valk Marc, De Knegt Rob J., Arends Joop E., Drenth Joost P.H. 12 apr 2020, In: BMJ Open Gastroenterology. 7 , p. e000396 6 p.

Loss to follow-up in the hepatitis C care cascade:A substantial problem but opportunity for micro-elimination

van Dijk Marleen, Drenth Joost P.H., Arends Joop E., Brakenhoff Sylvia M., Isfordink Cas J., de Knegt Rob, van der Valk Marc 2020, In: Journal of Viral Hepatitis. 27 , p. 1270-1283 14 p.

Low Sensitivity of the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool in Young HIV-Infected Patients: Time to Revise Our Screening Strategy

van Welzen Berend J, Yesilay Sultan, Arends Joop E, Hoepelman Andy I M, Mudrikova Tania 15 dec 2019, In: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 82 , p. 439-442 4 p.

Predictive Performance of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction Algorithms in People Living With HIV

van Zoest Rosan A., Law Matthew, Sabin Caroline A., Vaartjes Ilonca, Van der Valk Marc, Arends Joop E., Prins J. M., van Vugt H. J. M., Peters E. J. G., Laan L. M., Ammerlaan H. S. M., Groot M., Brouwer A. E., de Groot J., Koopmans M. P. G., Pas S. D., Heikens E., Lammers A. J. J., Bor P. C. J., de Boer M. G. J., Smit J. V., Smit E., Kampschreur L. M., Dijkstra K., Weel J., Stuart J. W. T. Cohen, Jansen R., Blok W. L., de Haan M., van Lelyveld S. F. L., Jansen R., van Wijk M., Bakker M., Hoepelman A. I. M., Barth R. E., Bruns A. H. W., Ellerbroek P. M., Mudrikova T., Oosterheert J. J., Schadd E. M., Wassenberg M. W. M., van Zoelen M. A. D., Aarsman K., van Berkel M., Schuurman R., Wensing A. M. J., de Jong A., van der Meer R., Paling F., van der Vliet S., 15 aug 2019, In: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 81 , p. 562-571 10 p.

Introducing hepatitis C virus healthcare pathways in addiction care in the Netherlands with a Breakthrough project:a mixed method study

Kracht Patricia A M, de Gee Elisabeth A, van der Poel Agnes, Verhagen Marc A M T, Hoepelman Andy I M, Croes Esther A, Arends Joop E 15 jul 2019, In: Harm Reduction Journal [E]. 16

Retrieval of chronic hepatitis B patients in the Utrecht region in the Netherlands

Dimmendaal M., Kracht P. A. M., Dijkstra S., Arends J. E., Woonink F., Hoepelman A. I. M., Boland G. J., Vlaminckx B. J. M., Stadhouders P. H. G. M., Thijsen S. F. T., Verhagen M. A. M. T., Friederich P. W., Weersink A. J. L. jul 2019, In: Netherlands Journal of Medicine. 77 , p. 199-209

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