dr. M.L. (Marianne) Boes

dr. M.L. (Marianne) Boes

Associate Professor
dr. M.L. (Marianne) Boes
  • Medical Management



Marianne Boes heads the pediatric immunology laboratory at the UMC Utrecht, embedded in the Center for Translational Immunology. She focuses all translational research efforts on immune cell communication. The inadequate use of immune pathways can result in disease, such as exemplified in primary immunodeficiency patients, and while immune response modification has already created much positive impact on patient care, there is still much work to be done. First, for chronic inflammatory diseases, treatment in many cases is still based on generalized immune suppression (i.e., DMARDs, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs), that may also potentially suppress immune reactivity that ward off infections and malignancy. Second, early experiences of cancer immunotherapy now reveal the occurrence of auto-immunological adverse events, in severe cases leading to diseases including (but not limited to) diabetes and rheumatoid disease. Third, immune response modification holds the promise to prevent the clinical presentation of certain autoimmune and/or immunometabolic disorders for which key biomarkers or drivers are already known (i.e., psoriatic arthritis, type I diabetes, early atherosclerosis). This latter research field has been especially under-investigated, and has the focus of her lab. The strength of the immune response and its promise to redirection using immune response modification as preventive medicine is tremendous. Boes works with the premise that its full applicability requires better understanding of immune cell communication, which she pursues by study of well-defined human patient cohorts, for the stratification of patients within such cohorts and to arrive at earlier and more precise disease intervention.


Boes trained in the USA in immunology and cell biology research (1996-2008). She performed PhD research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at the Koch Institute for integrative Cancer Research under supervision of prof. Jianzhu Chen. Here she studied immunodeficiency mechanisms using mouse models. Postdoctoral work she performed at Harvard Medical School in the laboratory of prof. Hidde Ploegh, where she discovered the rapid and dynamic endosomal remodeling process in dendritic cells that occurs immediately upon antigen-specific T-cell contact (Boes et al, Nature 2002). In 2004, Dr. Boes started her independent research lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, financed in part by an NWO-Veni grant in 2004 and a large NIH-RO1 grant that was awarded to her. In 2008, she moved her lab to the UMC-Utrecht. She published more than 140 articles (H-index 42) in international journals, including Nature, Science, Immunity, J. Exp. Med., Nature Immunology and J. Clin. Invest. She and her group received numerous prestigious national and international grants and awards. Boes serves as senior editor for two peer-reviewed journals that are supported by Immunology Societies (EFIS and BSI) and is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation. She is the founding chair of the Young Academy of the UMC Utrecht (chair Sept 2019-Jan 2022) and board member of the CUCo working group of the Young Academies of the Strategic Alliance between TU-Eindhoven, Wageningen, Utrecht University and UMC-Utrecht, 2019-2022. Boes serves as coordinator of the course 'Advanced Immunology' and van Kinsbergen Advanced+ Immunology for PhD students. She is current member of the I&I graduate school teaching committee and the Board of Examiners, subcommittee Assessment Support Panel (ASP) @ GSLS-life Sciences Academy. She thoroughly enjoys to meet and learn from researchers, patients and societal partners in different fields. 


Research in Boes lab is supported financially by grants from NWO, the European Research Council (ERC), the Lymph&co foundation, the strategic alliance TUe, WUR, UU, UMCU (The Power-Of-One project) and several industry partners. Boes collaborates across disciplines with investigators, societal partners and patient groups at the UMC-Utrecht and beyond. Several collaborative projects exist with labs elsewhere in Europe and in the USA.

Side Activities

Scientific Advisory Board Member at Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation (Diabetes Fonds), June 2022-May 2026 (no payment)

CUCo working group of the Young Academies of the strategic alliance TUe, WUR, UU, UMCU, 2020- June 2022 (no payment)

COVID19 program at ZonMw, member, 2020 - current (< €1000)

Clinical Fellows program at ZonMw, member, 2019-current (< €1000)

IDSCOVA mRNA vaccination study LUMC (Establishing the tolerability, safety and immunogenicity of intradermal delivery of a mNRA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in healthy adults), DSMB member, 2020-2021 (no payment)

Educational Committee for the Faculty of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences, GSLS, 2017- 2022 (no payment)

NVVI/DSI and BSI, Dutch and British Society for Immunology, member, 2012- current (no payment)

Immunotherapy Advances (Oxford Academic Press), Editorial Board responsible for Europe region, member: 2019-current (< €1000)

Immunology Letters (Elsevier), Section Editor: 2022-current (< €1000)


2018/2021: member of numerous PhD thesis defense committees Radboud University, A-UMC (formerly VUMC, AMC) and UU (no payment)

2016-2018: invited speaker: Boston Children's Hospital; FASEB conference (SRC Immunoreceptors, Colorado); Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal; Charles University Prague PhD conference; European Conference of Immunology; European B cell forum 2018 Landshut Germany, IUIS Beijing (also session chair). (travel reimbursement, no payment)

2020-2022: invited speaker (live and webinar-based): Vienna Medical University, colloquium in pathophysiology, infectiology and immunology; 14th EFIS-EJI Tatra Immunology Conference, September 19-23, 2020; summer school Bonn University Cluster of Excellence; 50th anniversary meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology; Immunometnet, SITC 2021 (annual meeting of the Society for Immuno Therapy of Cancer). (travel reimbursement, no payment)


Fellowship and Awards


2023: EWUU-Unusual Collaboration grant; 156.357 euro (co-PI)

2022: PhD incentive Radboud University / UMC Utrecht, 270 KEuro (PI)

2022: EWUU-Unusual Collaboration grant; 154.990 euro (co-PI)

2021: Genentech grant 93K (PI)

2021: Actuate grant 200K dollar (PI)

2021: EWUU-Unusual Collaboration grant; 168K (co-PI) 

2021: ARGENX grant: 568K (PI)

2021: JMF-c.h.i.l.d.r.e.n. 50K (co-PI)

2020: travel award Beijing IUIS conference 2K (PI)

2020: Actuate grant 100K dollar (PI)

2019: Lymph&co 385K (PI)

2019: Nutricia 47.5K (co-PI)

2018: Child Health focus grant 15K (co-PI) 

2018: Nutricia 47.5K (co-PI)

2017: Sobi 42.6K (co-PI)

2015: UU Life Sciences Seed grant 100K (co-PI)

2015: Fonds NutsOhra 67K (co-PI)

2014: NWO-PhD grant 250K (I&I graduate school UU)

2014: WKZ Research Foundation 38K (PI)

2014: Diabetes Fonds Nederland 250K (co-PI)

2013: Bayer 574K (co-PI)

2012: NWO investment subsidy medium 586K (co-PI)

2012: Fonds NutsOhra 100K (co-PI)

2011: MedImmune research grant 75K (PI)

2011: Baxalta (now part of Takeda) 273K (co-PI)

2010: ERC-Marie Curie 80K (PI)

2009 WKZ Research Foundation 150K (PI)

2009 UMCU Talent incentive 250K (PI)

2008 WKZ Research Foundation 125K (PI)

2008 Baxalta (now part of Takeda)  230K (co-PI)

2007: NIH-RO1 grant 750K (PI)

2006: Harvard Skin Disease Research Center grant 25K (PI)

2004: NWO-Veni 250K (PI)

2001: Cancer Research Institute/ Irvington fellowship 300K (PI)

1997: Boehringer Ingelheim PhD fellowship 250K (PI)












Research Output (168)

Regulatory T cells in psoriatic arthritis:an IL-17A-producing, Foxp3<sup>int</sup>CD161 + RORγt + ICOS + phenotype, that associates with the presence of ADAMTSL5 autoantibodies

Pouw J. N.Juliëtte, Nordkamp M. A.M.Michel Olde, van Kempen T. Tessa, Concepcion A. N.Arno, van Laar J. M.Jacob, van Wijk F. Femke, Spierings J. Julia, Leijten E. F.A.Emmerik, Boes M. Marianne Dec 2022, In: Scientific Reports. 12

MHC II - EGFP knock-in mouse model is a suitable tool for systems and quantitative immunology

Pačes Jan, Knížková Karolina, Tušková Liliana, Grobárová Valéria, Zadražil Zdeněk, Boes Marianne, Černý Jan 2 Nov 2022, In: Immunology Letters. 251-252 , p. 75-85 11 p.

Preclinical Aortic Atherosclerosis in Adolescents With Chronic Disease

Ververs Francesca A, Eikendal Anouk L M, Kofink Daniel, Nuboer Roos, Westenberg Jos J M, Hovenkamp Gijs T, Kemps Jitske J A, Coenen Iris C J, Daems Joëlle J N, Claus Laura R, Ju Yillie, Wulffraat Nico M, van der Ent Cornelis K, Monaco Claudia, Boes Marianne, Leiner Tim, Grotenhuis Heynric B, Schipper Henk S 19 Jul 2022, In: Journal of the American Heart Association. 11 , p. 1-18

Activation-induced colocalisation of SCAMP5 with IFNα in human plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Pouw Juliëtte N, Olde Nordkamp Michel A M, O'Toole Tom G, Radstake Timothy R D J, Leijten Emmerik F A, Boes Marianne 16 Mar 2022, In: Lupus science & medicine. 9 , p. 1-3

Harnessing immunometabolism for cardiovascular health and cancer therapy

Markovska Angela, Schipper Henk, Boes Marianne 9 Nov 2021, In: Immunotherapy Advances. 1 , p. 1-3

A novel method to standardise serum IgA measurements shows an increased prevalence of IgA deficiency in young children with recurrent respiratory tract infections

Koenen Mischa, Bosma Marleen, Roorda Udo, Wopereis Fabienne, Roos Anja, van der Vries Erhard, Bogaert D, Sanders Elisabeth , Boes Marianne, Heidema Jojanneke, van Montfrans JM, Balemans Walter A F, van Holten Thijs C, Verhagen Lilly 29 Oct 2021, In: Clinical and Translational Immunology. 10 10 p.

Immunometabolic factors in adolescent chronic disease are associated with Th1 skewing of invariant Natural Killer T cells

Ververs Francesca, Engelen Suzanne, Nuboer Roos, Vastert SJ, van der Ent Kors , van 't Land Belinda, Garssen Johan, Monaco Claudia, Boes Marianne, Schipper Henk 11 Oct 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 11 p.

Role of Regulatory Cells in Immune Tolerance Induction in Hemophilia A

Schep Sarah, Schutgens Roger E, Fischer Kathelijn, Voorberg Jan, Boes Marianne May 2021, In: Hemasphere. 5 9 p.

Thrombotic Events in COVID-19 Are Associated With a Lower Use of Prophylactic Anticoagulation Before Hospitalization and Followed by Decreases in Platelet Reactivity

Clark Chantal C., Jukema Bernard N., Barendrecht Arjan D., Spanjaard Judith S., Jorritsma Nikita K.N., Smits Simone, de Maat Steven, Seinen Cor W., Verhoef Sandra, Parr Naomi M.J., Sebastian Silvie A.E., Koekman Arnold C., van Wesel Annet C.W., van Goor Harriet M.R., Spijkerman Roy, Bongers Suzanne H., van der Vries Erhard, Nierkens Stefan, Boes Marianne, Koenderman Leo, Kaasjager Karin A.H., Maas Coen, 22 Apr 2021, In: Frontiers in medicine. 8 , p. 1-11

Tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells from skin differentiate psoriatic arthritis from psoriasis

Leijten Emmerik F, van Kempen Tessa S, Olde Nordkamp Michel A, Pouw Juliette N, Kleinrensink Nienke J, Vincken Nanette L, Mertens Jorre, Balak Deepak M W, Verhagen Fleurieke H, Hartgring Sarita A, Lubberts Erik, Tekstra Janneke, Pandit Aridaman, Radstake Timothy R, Boes Marianne 16 Jan 2021, In: Arthritis & Rheumatology. 73 , p. 1220-1232 13 p.

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