dr. J.A.M. (Jose) Borghans

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Research Output (73)

Immune activation correlates with and predicts CXCR4 co-receptor tropism switch in HIV-1 infection

Connell Bridgette J., Hermans Lucas E., Wensing Annemarie M.J., Schellens Ingrid, Schipper Pauline J., van Ham Petra M., de Jong Dorien T.C.M., Otto Sigrid, Mathe Tholakele, Moraba Robert, Borghans José A.M., Papathanasopoulos Maria A., Kruize Zita, Venter Francois W.D., Kootstra Neeltje A., Tempelman Hugo, Tesselaar Kiki, Nijhuis Monique 28 sep 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10 , p. 1-10

Functional categories of immune inhibitory receptors

Rumpret Matevž, Drylewicz Julia, Ackermans Laura J.E., Borghans José A.M., Medzhitov Ruslan, Meyaard Linde 1 jan 2020, In: Nature Reviews. Immunology. 20 , p. 771-780 10 p.

Limited effect of duration of CMV infection on adaptive immunity and frailty: insights from a 27-year-long longitudinal study

Samson Leonard Daniel, van den Berg Sara P. H., Engelfriet Peter, Boots Annemieke M. H., Hendriks Marion, de Rond Lia G. H., de Zeeuw-Brouwer Mary-Iene, Verschuren W. M. Monique, Borghans Jose A. M., Buisman Anne-Marie, van Baarle Debbie 2020, In: Clinical & Translational Immunology (CTI) . 9 , p. e1193

Effect of latent cytomegalovirus infection on the antibody response to influenza vaccination:a systematic review and meta-analysis

van den Berg S. P.H., Warmink K., Borghans J. A.M., Knol M. J., van Baarle D. 1 aug 2019, In: Medical Microbiology and Immunology. 208 , p. 305-321 17 p.

In vivo deuterium labelling in mice supports a dynamic model for memory T-cell maintenance in the bone marrow

Baliu-Piqué Mariona, Otto Sigrid A, Borghans José A M, Tesselaar Kiki jun 2019, In: Immunology Letters. 210 , p. 29-32 4 p.

Age-related distribution and dynamics of T-cells in blood and lymphoid tissues of goats

Baliu-Piqué Mariona, Kurniawan Henry, Ravesloot Lars, Verheij Myrddin W., Drylewicz Julia, Lievaart-Peterson Karianne, Borghans José A.M., Koets Ad, Tesselaar Kiki 1 apr 2019, In: Developmental and Comparative Immunology. 93 , p. 1-10 10 p.

Short lifespans of memory T-cells in bone marrow, blood, and lymph nodes suggest that T-cell memory is maintained by continuous self-renewal of recirculating cells

Baliu-Piqué Mariona, Verheij Myrddin W., Drylewicz Julia, Ravesloot Lars, de Boer Rob J., Koets Ad, Tesselaar Kiki, Borghans José A.M. 11 sep 2018, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 9

Current best estimates for the average lifespans of mouse and human leukocytes:reviewing two decades of deuterium-labeling experiments

Borghans José A M, de Boer Rob J, Tesselaar Kiki sep 2018, In: Immunological Reviews. 285 , p. 233-248 16 p.

Potential impact of maternal vaccination on life-threatening respiratory syncytial virus infection during infancy

Scheltema Nienke M, Kavelaars Xynthia M, Thorburn Kentigern, Hennus Marije P, van Woensel Job B, van der Ent Cornelis K, Borghans José A M, Bont Louis J, Drylewicz Julia 25 jul 2018, In: Vaccine. 36 , p. 4693-4700 8 p.

The antiretroviral CCR5-inhibitor maraviroc effectively reverses HIV latency by phosphorylation of Nf-kappa B

Symons J., vanLelyveld S. F. L., deSpiegelaere W., Wensing A. M. J., Zerbato J. M., vanHam P. M., Drylewicz J., Middel A., Hoepelman A. I. M., Cameron P. U., Lu H. K., Dantanarayana A. I., Borghans J. A. M., Vandekerckhove L., Lewin S. R., Tesselaar K., Nijhuis M. jul 2018, In: Journal of the International AIDS Society [E]. 21 , p. 29-30