prof. dr. J.L. (Johannes L. (Hans)) Bos

Professor Emeritus
prof. dr. J.L. (Johannes L. (Hans)) Bos
  • Group Bos, section Molecular Cancer Research



Since his PhD in the lab of Piet Borst (1980), Hans Bos has devoted his research to understand the molecular cause of cancer. Initially in the lab of Alex van der Eb in Leiden, using adenovirus 12, a virus that can form tumors in rodents.  In 1984 he started to work on Ras mutations in human tumors. He could demonstrate that such mutations occur frequently in many tumor types. At that time this knowledge had little clinical relevance, but now 30 years later the impact is clear: current targeted therapies almost all fail once the tumor has such a mutation.  

After a sabbatical year in San Francisco with Frank McCormick he moved to Utrecht in 1991 to become professor in Molecular Cancer Research and to work on the function of the Ras protein. In 1994 he started to work on a Ras-related protein, Rap, as this protein was found to inhibit the effect of mutant Ras. More recently, he joined forces with Hans Clevers, to study Ras in patient-derived tumor organoids.

Hans Bos is chairperson of the UMCU priority program Cancer, chairperson of the UMCU Center for Molecular Medicine, and head of the Department Molecular Cancer Research.

Side Activities

Scientific council KIKA (charity for childhood cancer)

National scientific board Netherlands Cancer Institute/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis.

Board of trustees of Hubrecht Institute

Member of KNAW

Editorial board Molecular and Cellular Biology

Panel Member ERC (advanced/consolidator)

Fellowship and Awards

1996: Member of EMBO

2006: Catherijne prize for cancer research

2014: Josephine Nefkens price for cancer research

Research Output (172)

An organoid platform for ovarian cancer captures intra- and interpatient heterogeneity

Kopper Oded, de Witte Chris J, Lõhmussaar Kadi, Valle-Inclan Jose Espejo, Hami Nizar, Kester Lennart, Balgobind Anjali Vanita, Korving Jeroen, Proost Natalie, Begthel Harry, van Wijk Lise M, Revilla Sonia Aristín, Theeuwsen Rebecca, van de Ven Marieke, van Roosmalen Markus J, Ponsioen Bas, Ho Victor W H, Neel Benjamin G, Bosse Tjalling, Gaarenstroom Katja N, Vrieling Harry, Vreeswijk Maaike P G, van Diest Paul J, Witteveen Petronella O, Jonges Trudy, Bos Johannes L, van Oudenaarden Alexander, Zweemer Ronald P, Snippert Hugo J G, Kloosterman Wigard P, Clevers Hans mei 2019, In: Nature Medicine. 25 , p. 838-849 12 p.

A two-tiered mechanism enables localized Cdc42 signaling during enterocyte polarization

Bruurs Lucas J.M., Zwakenberg Susan, van der Net Mirjam C., Zwartkruis Fried J., Bos Johannes L. apr 2017, In: Molecular and Cellular Biology. 37

Ras Association-Domain Dimers Bring Proteins Together

Rehmann Holger, Bos Johannes L 6 dec 2016, In: Structure. 24 , p. 2039-2040 2 p.

Targeting mutant RAS in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids by combinatorial drug screening

Verissimo Carla S, Overmeer René M, Ponsioen Bas, Drost Jarno, Mertens Sander, Verlaan-Klink Ingrid, Gerwen Bastiaan van, van der Ven Marieke, van de Wetering Marc , Egan David A, Bernards René, Clevers Hans, Bos Johannes L, Snippert Hugo J 15 nov 2016, In: eLife. 5

ATP8B1-mediated spatial organization of Cdc42 signaling maintains singularity during enterocyte polarization

Bruurs Lucas J M, Donker Lisa, Zwakenberg Susan, Zwartkruis Fried J, Begthel Harry, Knisely A S, Posthuma George, van de Graaf Stan F J, Paulusma Coen C, Bos Johannes L 28 sep 2015, In: Journal of Cell Biology. 210 , p. 1055-63 9 p.

Quantitative imaging of focal adhesion dynamics and their regulation by HGF and Rap1 signaling

Spanjaard Emma, Smal Ihor, Angelopoulos Nicos, Verlaan Ingrid, Matov Alexandre, Meijering Erik, Wessels Lodewyk, Bos Hans, de Rooij Johan 15 jan 2015, In: Experimental Cell Research. 330 , p. 382-397 16 p.

Rap1 spatially controls ArhGAP29 to inhibit Rho signaling during endothelial barrier regulation

Post A., Pannekoek W. J., Ponsioen B., Vliem M. J., Bos J. L. 1 jan 2015, In: Molecular and Cellular Biology. 35 , p. 2495-2502 8 p.

Structure-Guided Design of Selective Epac1 and Epac2 Agonists

Schwede Frank, Bertinetti Daniela, Langerijs Carianne N., Hadders Michael A., Wienk Hans, Ellenbroek Johanne H., de Koning Eelco J P, Bos Johannes L., Herberg Friedrich W., Genieser Hans Gottfried, Janssen Richard A J, Rehmann Holger 1 jan 2015, In: PLoS Biology. 13 26 p.

All research output

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