prof. dr. A.L. (A.L.) Bredenoord

Full Professor

  • Department of Public Health, Healthcare Innovation & Evaluation and Medical Humanities (PHM)
  • Julius Center Research Program Methodology

Research Output (108)

Preferences to receive unsolicited findings of germline genome sequencing in a large population of patients with cancer

Bijlsma Rhode, Wouters Roel, Wessels Hester, Sleijfer Stefan, Beerepoot Laurens, Ten Bokkel Huinink Daan, Cruijsen Hester, Heijns Joan, Lolkema Martijn P, Steeghs Neeltje, van Voorthuizen Theo, Vulink Annelie, Witteveen Els, Ausems Margreet, Bredenoord Annelien, May Anne M, Voest Emile apr 2020, In: ESMO open. 5 9 p.

What constitutes a reasonable compensation for non-commercial oocyte donors:an analogy with living organ donation and medical research participation

Kool Emy, van der Graaf Rieke, Bos Annelies, Fauser Bartholomeus, Bredenoord Annelien 1 nov 2019, In: Journal of Medical Ethics. 45 , p. 736-741 6 p.

Passive data collection and use in healthcare:A systematic review of ethical issues

Maher Nicole A., Senders Joeky T., Hulsbergen Alexander F.C., Lamba Nayan, Parker Michael, Onnela Jukka Pekka, Bredenoord Annelien L., Smith Timothy R., Broekman Marike L.D. 1 sep 2019, In: International Journal of Medical Informatics. 129 , p. 242-247 6 p.

If it ain't broke don't fix it? Ethics of splinting deformed newborn ears

van Wijk M. P., Wouters R. H.P., Bredenoord A. L., Kon M., Breugem C. C. 1 aug 2019, In: Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. 72 , p. 1396-1402 7 p.

Unconsented genetic testing in psychiatry:an (almost) no go?

Luykx Jurjen J., van der Spek Rick, van Veen Sisco, Lo-A-Foe Wonnie, Giesbertz Noor A.A., Bredenoord Annelien L., Palmboom Ger G. 1 aug 2019, In: The Lancet Psychiatry. 6 , p. 641-642 2 p.

Understanding (in) Consent for Governance

Lensink MA, Boers SN, Jongsma KR, Bredenoord AL 8 mei 2019, In: The American Journal of Bioethics. 19 , p. 43-45 3 p.

A duty to recontact in genetics:context matters

Giesbertz Noor A.A., van Harten Wim H., Bredenoord Annelien L. 1 apr 2019, In: Nature Reviews. Genetics. 20 , p. 371-372 2 p.

Stakeholders views on the ethical aspects of oocyte banking for third-party assisted reproduction:a qualitative interview study with donors, recipients and professionals

Kool E M, van der Graaf R, Bos A M E, Pieters J J P M, Custers I M, Fauser B C J M, Bredenoord A L 30 mrt 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 842-850 9 p.

The ethics of genome editing in non-human animals:A systematic review of reasons reported in the academic literature

de Graeff N, Jongsma Karin, Johnston Josephine, Hartley Sarah, Bredenoord AL 25 mrt 2019, In: Philosophical transactions / Royal Society of London. Biological sciences. 374 , p. 1-25 25 p.

A Human(e) Factor in Clinical Decision Support Systems

Bezemer Tim, De Groot Mark C.H., Blasse Enja, Ten Berg Maarten J., Kappen Teus H., Bredenoord Annelien L., Van Solinge Wouter W., Hoefer Imo E., Haitjema Saskia 19 mrt 2019, In: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 21