prof. dr. W. (Wiepke) Cahn

prof. dr. W. (Wiepke) Cahn

Full Professor
prof. dr. W. (Wiepke) Cahn
  • Psychiatry

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Prof. Wiepke Cahn has been a research psychiatrist at the University Medical Center Utrecht since 1996. In 2003 she obtained her PhD titled ‘brain morphology during the early course of schizophrenia’. She has set up various (multicenter) research projects, including GROUP. She has been chief psychiatrist for the schizophrenia program at the UMCUtrecht and project manager for the Utrecht Youth Cohort. Currently she is heading the ‘body & life’ clinic at the department of psychiatry. In 2016 she was appointed professor of psychiatry. Her research interest is the physical (ill-)health in psychiatric disorders and lifestyle psychiatry.

Wiepke Cahn has (co)authored more than 300 papers and book chapters and has been chief editor of the textbooks 'schizophrenia spectrum disorders' and 'lifestyle psychiatry' and is the author of 'focus on the families with psychiatric problems'. Her non-research-based activities consist of treating patients and their families with psychiatric and somatic co-morbidities.

Research Line

Physical health in psychiatric disorders and lifestyle psychiatry.

Key publications

1. de Boer N, Cahn W. Antipsychotic-induced weight gain: Is the weight over? New guidelines needed. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2022 Sep;146(3):185-189

2. Burin LM, Hahn MK, da Rocha NS, van Amelsvoort T, Bartels-Velthuis AA, Bruggeman R, de Haan L, Schirmbeck F, Simons CJP, van Os J, Cahn W. Long-term treatment of antipsychotics and combined therapy with other psychotropic medications inducing weight gain in patients with non-affective psychotic disorder: Evidence from GROUP, a longitudinal study. Psychiatry Res. 2022 Aug;314:114680. 

3. de Nijs J, Pet MA; GROUP Investigators.. Metabolic syndrome in schizophrenia patients associated with poor premorbid school performance in early adolescence. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2016 Apr;133(4):289-97.

4. Scheewe TW, Backx FJ, Takken T, Jörg F, van Strater AC, Kroes AG, Kahn RS, Cahn W. Exercise therapy improves mental and physical health in schizophrenia: a randomised controlled trial. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2013 Jun;127(6):464-73.

5. Welie H, Derks EM, Verweij KH, de Valk HW, Kahn RS, Cahn W. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increased in relatives of patients with a non-affective psychotic disorder. Schizophr Res. 2013 Feb;143(2-3):354-7.


Side Activities

GGz Breburg Supervisory Board

Full Professor, Altrecht Science

Chair Social Run Foundation 

Committee Member of the national psychosis guidelines

Mind Ypsilon Advisory Board

Fellowship and Awards

  • Move2 (MUVA) project 
  • Tactic project 
  • Lifestyle - A multi-modal lifestyle intervention program in routine clinical care for children with mental disorders.
  • MELIA project   
  • Psychosis Prognosis Predictor 
  • Genetic Risk and Outcome of Psychosis (GROUP project) Collaboration between AMC, UMCG en Universiteit van Maastricht and various psychiatric institutions in the Netherlands
  • Topfit project – i.s.m. met sportgeneeskunde
  • GRUMPY or Depressed – i.s.m. de sociale faculteit UU

Research Output (348)

The short and long-term effects of a lifestyle intervention in children with mental illnesses:a randomized controlled trial (Movementss study)

van Tetering Emilie M A, Muskens Jet B, Deenik Jeroen, Pillen Sigrid, Cahn Wiepke, von Rosenstiel Inès, Oomen Mieke, Rommelse Nanda N, Staal Wouter G, Klip Helen 21 Jul 2023, In: BMC Psychiatry. 23

The Laban/Bartenieff Movement System in gait-analysis reveals upper-lower body movement dysconnectivity in psychotic disorders

van de Meent Ilona, Maat Arija, Boute Mikel, van Dellen Edwin, Cahn Wiepke Jun 2023, In: Schizophrenia Research. 256 , p. 47-49 3 p.

Using brain cell-type-specific protein interactomes to interpret neurodevelopmental genetic signals in schizophrenia

Hsu Yu Han H., Pintacuda Greta, Liu Ruize, Nacu Eugeniu, Kim April, Tsafou Kalliopi, Petrossian Natalie, Crotty William, Suh Jung Min, Riseman Jackson, Martin Jacqueline M., Biagini Julia C., Mena Daya, Ching Joshua K.T., Malolepsza Edyta, Li Taibo, Singh Tarjinder, Ge Tian, Egri Shawn B., Tanenbaum Benjamin, Stanclift Caroline R., Apffel Annie M., Ripke Stephan, Neale Benjamin M., Corvin Aiden, Walters James T.R., Farh Kai How, Holmans Peter A., Lee Phil, Bulik-Sullivan Brendan, Collier David A., Huang Hailiang, Pers Tune H., Agartz Ingrid, Agerbo Esben, Albus Margot, Alexander Madeline, Amin Farooq, Bacanu Silviu A., Begemann Martin, Belliveau Richard A., Bene Judit, Bergen Sarah E., Bevilacqua Elizabeth, Cahn Wiepke, Kahn René S., Van Os Jim, Ophoff Roel A., Weinberger Daniel R., Kahn René S., , , , 19 May 2023, In: iScience. 26

The impact of schizophrenia spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder on radiotherapy treatment and overall survival in cancer patients:A matched pair analysis

Peters Max, Boersma Hajo W., van Rossum Peter S.N., van Oort Jasper, Cahn Wiepke, Verhoeff Joost J.C. May 2023, In: Clinical and translational radiation oncology. 40 7 p.

Associations between genetic liabilities to smoking behavior and schizophrenia symptoms in patients with a psychotic disorder, their siblings and healthy controls

Lin Bochao Danae, Vermeulen Jentien M., Bolhuis K., Chang Xiao, Schirmbeck Frederike, van Eijk Kristel R., Alizadeh Behrooz Z., Bartels-Velthuis Agna A., van Amelsvoort Therese, Bruggeman Richard, Cahn Wiepke, de Haan Lieuwe, Rutten Bart P.F., Guloksuz Sinan, Luykx Jurjen J., van Os Jim, Simons Claudia J.P., van Winkel Ruud, Blankers Matthijs, van den Brink W., May 2023, In: Psychiatry Research. 323 , p. 1-8

Large-scale analysis of structural brain asymmetries in schizophrenia via the ENIGMA consortium

Schijven Dick, Postema Merel C., Fukunaga Masaki, Matsumoto Junya, Miura Kenichiro, de Zwarte Sonja M.C., van Haren Neeltje E.M., Cahn Wiepke, Hulshoff Pol Hilleke E., Kahn René S., Ayesa-Arriola Rosa, Ortiz-García de la Foz Víctor, Tordesillas-Gutierrez Diana, Vázquez-Bourgon Javier, Crespo-Facorro Benedicto, Alnæs Dag, Dahl Andreas, Westlye Lars T., Agartz Ingrid, Andreassen Ole A., Jönsson Erik G., Kochunov Peter, Bruggemann Jason M., Catts Stanley V., Michie Patricia T., Mowry Bryan J., Quidé Yann, Rasser Paul E., Schall Ulrich, Scott Rodney J., Carr Vaughan J., Green Melissa J., Henskens Frans A., Loughland Carmel M., Pantelis Christos, Weickert Cynthia Shannon, Weickert Thomas W., de Haan Lieuwe, Brosch Katharina, Pfarr Julia Katharina, Ringwald Kai G., Stein Frederike, Jansen Andreas, Kircher Tilo T.J., Nenadić Igor, Krämer Bernd, Gruber Oliver, Satterthwaite Theodore D., Bustillo Juan, Janssen Joost, 4 Apr 2023, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 120

Personal recovery suits us all:A study in patients with non-affective psychosis, unaffected siblings and healthy controls

Van Eck Robin Michael, van Velden Judith, Vellinga Astrid, van der Krieke Lian, Castelein Stynke, de Haan Lieuwe, Schirmbeck Frederike, van Amelsvoort Therese, Bartels-Velthuis Agna A, Bruggeman Richard, Cahn Wiepke, Simons Claudia J P, van Os Jim 20 Mar 2023, In: Schizophrenia Research. 255 , p. 24-32 9 p.

Muva physical activity intervention to improve social functioning in people with a severe mental illness:study protocol of a pragmatic stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

Koomen Lisanne Elisabeth Maria, van de Meent Ilona Hendrika Theodora, Deenik Jeroen, van Dellen Edwin, Schnack Hugo Gerard, van Werkhoven Henri, Swildens Wilma Elisabeth, van Meijel Berno, Staal Wouter, Jörg Frederike, Scheepers Floortje, Cahn Wiepke Dec 2022, In: BMC Psychiatry. 22

Effect of stressful life events on subclinical psychotic symptoms in first-degree relatives and healthy controls

Lachowicz Aleksandra M., Vaessen Thomas, van Aubel Evelyne, Butjosa Anna, Reininghaus Ulrich, Myin-Germeys Inez, van Amelsvoort Therese, Bartels-Velthuis Agna A., Bruggeman Richard, Cahn Wiepke, de Haan Lieuwe, Schirmbeck Frederike, Simons Claudia J.P., van Os Jim, Dec 2022, In: Schizophrenia Research. 250 , p. 92-99 8 p.

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