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prof. dr. O.L. (Olaf) Cremer

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Olaf Cremer (1971) was trained as an anesthesiologist, intensivist and clinical epidemiologist. He has worked as a consultant in the department of intensive care medicine of the UMCU since 2007. Dr. Cremer has designed and co-developed the patient data management system that is currently in use. His detailed knowledge of the system and computer programming skills allow him to explore this clinical database as a rich source of information for several research projects within the division.
Prof. Cremer obtained his PhD degree in 2005 with a doctoral thesis on goal-directed management of patients with severe traumatic brain injury. His thesis included both experimental clinical studies focused on cerebrovascular pathophysiology, as well as large cohort studies focused on patient outcomes. Since 2010 he has been studying the clinical epidemiology of infections in the ICU and/or the postoperative setting. He is one of the PI's of the MARS consortium, a multicentre collaboration aimed at developing new molecular technologies for early diagnosis and risk stratification of sepsis. More recently he initiated the PLUTO project, a longitudinal biorepository of patients undergoing elective surgery in the UMCU. The main focus areas of his research group include:

1 - diagnostic uncertainty in early detection of sepsis

2 - attributable morbidity and mortality of (nosocomial) sepsis and acute inflammation

3 - decision support for diagnosis and treatment of sepsis

Cremer has been mentoring 11 PhD students to date.

Research Output (170)

Elevated trefoil factor 3 plasma levels in critically ill patients with abdominal sepsis or non-infectious abdominal illness

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Occurrence and Risk Factors of Chronic Pain After Critical Illness

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Correction to:Predicting the clinical trajectory in critically ill patients with sepsis: a cohort study

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Potential of Parameters of Iron Metabolism for the Diagnosis of Anemia of Inflammation in the Critically Ill

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Preemptive Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus Reactivation in Critically Ill Patients?-Not Based on Current Data

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Predicting the clinical trajectory in critically ill patients with sepsis:a cohort study

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A pilot study of a novel molecular host response assay to diagnose infection in patients after high-risk gastro-intestinal surgery

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Associations between changes in oxygenation, dead space and driving pressure induced by the first prone position session and mortality in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

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Estimated dead space fraction and the ventilatory ratio are associated with mortality in early ARDS

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