dr. J.A.A.G. (Anneke) Damen

Assistant Professor

  • Department of Epidemiology

dr. J.A.A.G. (Anneke) Damen


Anneke Damen is a clinical epidemiologist specialized in systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognostic models.

She studied biomedical sciences at the Radboudumc and specialized in epidemiology and pathobiology. She did several internships at the Radboudumc, the National Expert and Training Centre for Breast Cancer Screening, and at Sanquin blood supply.

In 2014, Anneke started working as a PhD student at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht, under supervision of Prof. Carl Moons, Prof. Rob Scholten, Dr. Lotty Hooft, and Dr. Thomas Debray. Her project focused on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of prediction model studies. She combined her PhD project with the postgraduate master Clinical Epidemiology. Furthermore, she worked as affiliated researcher for Cochrane Netherlands. Here she was active as a teacher on several courses and worked on projects for the Belgian health care Knowledge centre and Zorginstituut Nederland.

Anneke currently works as an assistant professor for Cochrane Netherlands and is the coordinator of the Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group.

Research Output (27)

Transparent Reporting of Multivariable Prediction Models in Journal and Conference Abstracts:TRIPOD for Abstracts

Heus Pauline, Reitsma Johannes B, Collins Gary S, Damen Johanna A A G, Scholten Rob J P M, Altman Douglas G, Moons Karel G M, Hooft Lotty 2 jun 2020, In: Annals of Internal Medicine. 173 , p. 42-47 6 p.

Prediction of cardiovascular risk:it is not only in the details

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Performance of the Framingham risk models and pooled cohort equations for predicting 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease:A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Uniformity in measuring adherence to reporting guidelines:The example of TRIPOD for assessing completeness of reporting of prediction model studies

Heus Pauline, Damen Johanna A.A.G., Pajouheshnia Romin, Scholten Rob J.P.M., Reitsma Johannes B., Collins Gary S., Altman Douglas G., Moons Karel G.M., Hooft Lotty 24 apr 2019, In: BMJ Open. 9

Empirical evidence of the impact of study characteristics on the performance of prediction models:A meta-epidemiological study

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Cardiovascular risk prediction models for women in the general population:A systematic review

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The added value of different biomarkers to the Revised Cardiac Risk Index to predict major adverse cardiac events and all-cause mortality after noncardiac surgery

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Poor reporting of multivariable prediction model studies:towards a targeted implementation strategy of the TRIPOD statement

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Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of prediction model studies: methods and applications

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Contemporary cardiovascular risk prediction

Damen Johanna A.A.G., Hooft Lotty, Moons Karel G.M. 12 mei 2018, In: The Lancet. 391 , p. 1867-1868 2 p.

All Research Output (27)