prof. dr. J.H. (Joke) de Boer

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  • Department of Ophthalmology

prof. dr. J.H. (Joke) de Boer

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Prof.dr. Joke de Boer is an ophthalmologist and acknowledged expert in inflammatory eye diseases with a special interest in noninfectious and infectious uveitis in adults and children. Noninfectious uveitis is a vision-threatening chronic, progressive inflammation of the interior eye. Current treatment strategies with immunosuppressive medications may fail to prevent the decline in visual function. Her research focusses on the underlying pathogenesis of noninfectious uveitis and development of new treatment strategies for this blinding disease in collaboration with the Laboratory of Translational Immunology. To this end, she uses the ‘Systems Medicine’ approach that combines in-depth phenotyping of the peripheral immune-compartment of patients and computational modeling of the derived high-throughput data to reveal the true perpetrating epigenetic mechanisms that drive noninfectious uveitis. The nature of this approach makes it very well suited for identifying novel biomarkers to improve treatment and disease outcome in patients with noninfectious uveitis in the near future. Other research topics are aqueous humor analysis in infectious uveitis in collaboration with the virology section of the department of medical microbiology .  Joke de Boer is member of the International Uveitis Study Group, the national guideline committee for uveitis and the European guideline committee for uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Side Activities

  • Member of the International Uveitis Study Group

    Member of tehe European paediatric ophthalmology society

    Member of the Dutch Ophthalmology society

    Member of the Dutch uveitis study group

    Member of the Multinational Interdisciplinary working group of uveitis in children

    Member of the Dutch "kennis agenda"of ophthalology

    Member of James Lind aliance of Juvenile idiopathic artritis

    Chair of addendum biologicals of the Dutch guideline of uveitis

    Chair Quality committee Dutch Ophthalmology society

    Board member of uveitis guideline committee Dutch Ophthalmology society

    Member of the Fluorescein Angiography Netherlands club.

    Member of the Dutch pediatric ophthalmology study group

    Member of the European guideline committee for uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Fellowship and Awards

  • 1994    AER Montpellier, best paper award for “Low mature TGF-â2 in aqueous humour during uveitis”.

    2011    ODAS price for paediatric ophthalmology

    2011    The Clinical Uveitis Research Award from the European Uveitis Patient Interest Association

Research Output (112)

Whole Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Heterogeneity in B Cell Memory Populations in Patients With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Associated Uveitis

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Health-related quality of life in patients with immune mediated inflammatory diseases:A cross-sectional, multidisciplinary study

Spierings Julia, Sloeserwij Annemiek, Vianen Marieke E., de Boer Joke H., Sigurdsson Vigfus, van de Wijgert Janneke H.H.M., van Laar Jacob M. 26 mrt 2020, In: Clinical Immunology. 214

Prolonged Cone b-Wave on Electroretinography Is Associated with Severity of Inflammation in Noninfectious Uveitis

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Risk of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment in Acute Retinal Necrosis With and Without Prophylactic Intervention

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Proposal for a definition for response to treatment, inactive disease and damage for JIA associated uveitis based on the validation of a uveitis related JIA outcome measures from the Multinational Interdisciplinary Working Group for Uveitis in Childhood (MIWGUC)

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Prolonged cone b-wave on electroretinography is associated with more severe inflammation in non-infectious uveitis

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Predicting uveitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis:from biomarkers to clinical practice

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Uveitis as an immune-related toxicity during checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy

Ayuso V. Kalinina, Ossewaarde-van Norel J., Kouwenberg C., Suijkerbuijk K. P. M., Kuiper J. J. W., de Boer J. H. mrt 2019, In: Acta Ophthalmologica. 97 , p. 16-16

Blood monocytes distinguish individuals with orbital lymphoma

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