dr. T.P. (Teun P.) de Boer

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  • Department of Medical Physiology

dr. T.P. (Teun P.) de Boer

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Fellowship and Awards

  • - KNAW Ter Meulen Fund Fellowship (2008)

    - NHS Dekker Fellowship (2011-2015)

    - ZonMW Meer Kennis Minder Dieren implementatieproject (2017 - 2021)

Research Output (62)

Accounting for variability in ion current recordings using a mathematical model of artefacts in voltage-clamp experiments

Lei Chon Lok, Clerx Michael, Whittaker Dominic G., Gavaghan David J., de Boer Teun P., Mirams Gary R. 12 jun 2020, In: Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences. 378 21 p.

Automated Dynamic Clamp for Simulation of I<sub>K1</sub> in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes in Real Time Using Patchliner Dynamite<sup>8</sup>

Becker Nadine, Horváth András, De Boer Teun, Fabbri Alan, Grad Christian, Fertig Niels, George Michael, Obergrussberger Alison 1 mrt 2020, In: Current protocols in pharmacology. 88

Required GK1 to Suppress Automaticity of iPSC-CMs Depends Strongly on IK1 Model Structure

Fabbri Alan, Goversen Birgit, Vos Marc A, van Veen Toon A B, de Boer Teun P 13 sep 2019, In: Biophysical Journal. 117 , p. 2303-2315 13 p.

Introducing simulated IK1 into human iPSC-cardiomyocytes using dynamic clamp on an automated patch clamp system

Stoelzle-Feix Sonja, Becker Nadine, Obergrussberger Alison, de Boer Teun, Goversen Birgit, van Veen Toon A., Fertig Niels sep 2019, In: Journal of pharmacological and toxicological methods. 99 2 p.

Genetic variation in GNB5 causes bradycardia by augmenting the cholinergic response via increased acetylcholine-activated potassium current (I <sub>K,ACh</sub>)

Veerman Christiaan C, Mengarelli Isabella, Koopman Charlotte D, Wilders Ronald, van Amersfoorth Shirley C, Bakker Diane, Wolswinkel Rianne, Hababa Mariam, de Boer Teun P, Guan Kaomei, Milnes James, Lodder Elisabeth M, Bakkers Jeroen, Verkerk Arie O, Bezzina Connie R 17 jun 2019, In: Disease Models & Mechanisms. 12

The influence of hERG1a and hERG1b isoforms on drug safety screening in iPSC-CMs

Goversen Birgit, Jonsson Malin KB, van den Heuvel Nikki HL, Rijken Rianne, Vos Marc A., van Veen Toon AB, de Boer Teun P. 1 jan 2019, In: Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. 149 , p. 86-98 13 p.

Flotillins in the intercalated disc are potential modulators of cardiac excitability

Kessler Elise L., van Stuijvenberg Leonie, van Bavel Joanne J.A., van Bennekom Joëlle, Zwartsen Anne, Rivaud Mathilde R., Vink Aryan, Efimov Igor R., Postma Alex V., van Tintelen J. Peter, Remme Carol A., Vos Marc A., Banning Antje, de Boer Teun P., Tikkanen Ritva, van Veen Toon A.B. 1 jan 2019, In: Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. 126 , p. 86-95 10 p.

Cardiac Ca2+ signalling in zebrafish:Translation of findings to man

van Opbergen Chantal J M, van der Voorn Stephanie M, Vos Marc A, de Boer Teun P, van Veen Toon A B 1 okt 2018, In: Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology. p. 45-58

The immature electrophysiological phenotype of iPSC-CMs still hampers in vitro drug screening:Special focus on I<sub>K1</sub>

Goversen Birgit, van der Heyden Marcel A.G., van Veen Toon A.B., de Boer Teun P. mrt 2018, In: Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 183 , p. 127-136

A Hybrid Model for Safety Pharmacology on an Automated Patch Clamp Platform:Using Dynamic Clamp to Join iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Simulations of IIon Channels in Real-Time

Goversen Birgit, Becker Nadine, Stoelzle-Feix Sonja, Obergrussberger Alison, Vos Marc A, van Veen Toon A B, Fertig Niels, de Boer Teun P 19 jan 2018, In: Frontiers in Physiology [E]. 8

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