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dr. R. (Roel) de Heus Assistant Professor - medical

  • Birth Center Obstetrics - Medical

R. de Heus


Research Programs


During his gynaecology training Roel de Heus finished his PhD “Maternal and Fetal effects of Tocolytic drugs” at the University of Utrecht in 2008 and worked for 6 months at the Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto at the department of Maternal and Fetal medicine in 2012.

His clinical work as a gynaecologist at the Obstetrical department has its focus on fetal medicine / prenatal diagnosis, combining state of the art imaging techniques such as 2D/3D ultrasound and fetal MRI with genetic testing.

His aim is to improve patient care and more specific in the field of prenatal diagnosis and early developmental medicine. Focus within the research theme Brain on normal and abnormal early brain development. To study maternal and environmental influences on normal fetal brain development during pregnancy and its impact on child development as a part of the YOUth cohort (prof.dr. C. Kemner). Intra-uterine development, an important landmark for future health. Furthermore, to study and unravel mechanisms of abnormal fetal and neonatal brain development due to underlying congenital malformations, placental insufficiency or preterm birth to improve diagnosis, identify prognostic biomarkers and possible windows for neuroprotection to prevent perinatal brain damage.

Research Output (33)

Automatic brain tissue segmentation in fetal MRI using convolutional neural networks

Khalili N., Lessmann N., Turk E., Claessens N., de Heus R., Kolk T., Viergever M. A., Benders M. J. N. L., Isgum I. dec 2019, In: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 64 , p. 77-89 13 p.

Brain and CSF Volumes in Fetuses and Neonates with Antenatal Diagnosis of Critical Congenital Heart Disease:A Longitudinal MRI Study

Claessens N H P, Khalili N, Isgum I, Ter Heide H, Steenhuis T J, Turk E, Jansen N J G, de Vries L S, Breur J M P J, de Heus R, Benders M J N L 28 mrt 2019, In: American Journal of Neuroradiology. 40 , p. 885-891 7 p.

Automatic extraction of the intracranial volume in fetal and neonatal MR scans using convolutional neural networks

Khalili Nadieh, Turk E., Benders M. J.N.L., Moeskops P., Claessens N. H.P., de Heus R., Franx A., Wagenaar N., Breur J. M.P.J., Viergever M. A., Išgum I. 1 jan 2019, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 24 , p. 102061 13 p.

Intra- and interobserver agreement for fetal cerebral measurements in 3D-ultrasonography

Albers Maria E.W.A., Buisman Erato T.I.A., Kahn René S., Franx Arie, Onland-Moret N. Charlotte, de Heus Roel aug 2018, In: Human Brain Mapping. 39 , p. 3277-3284 8 p.

First trimester placental vascularization and angiogenetic factors are associated with adverse pregnancy outcome

Leijnse Johanna E.W., de Heus Roel, de Jager Wilco, Rodenburg Wendy, Peeters Louis L.H., Franx Arie, Eijkelkamp Niels 1 jul 2018, In: Pregnancy Hypertension. 13 , p. 87-94 8 p.

Insights on emerging functional networks in the prenatal connectome

Turk E, benders m, de Heus R, Franx A 18 jun 2018,

Growth patterns in fetuses with isolated cardiac defects

Haveman Ilse, Fleurke-Rozema Johanna H., Mulder Eduard J.H., Benders Manon, du Marchie Sarvaas Gideon, ter Heide Henriette, de Heus Roel H., Bilardo Caterina M. 1 apr 2018, In: Prenatal Diagnosis. 38 , p. 328-336 9 p.

Increased Risk of Pregnancy Complications After Stroke:The FUTURE Study (Follow-Up of Transient Ischemic Attack and Stroke Patients and Unelucidated Risk Factor Evaluation)

Van Alebeek Mayte E., De Vrijer Myrthe, Arntz Renate M., Maaijwee Noortje A.M.M., Synhaeve Nathalie E., Schoonderwaldt Hennie, Van Der Vlugt Maureen J., Van Dijk Ewoud J., De Heus Roel, Rutten-Jacobs Loes C.A., De Leeuw Frank Erik apr 2018, In: Stroke. 49 , p. 877-883 7 p.

Pregnancy and ischemic stroke:A practical guide to management

Van Alebeek Mayte E., De Heus Roel, Tuladhar Anil M., De Leeuw Frank Erik 1 feb 2018, In: Current Opinion in Neurology. 31 , p. 44-51 8 p.

Assessing Nephron Hyperplasia in Fetal Congenital Solitary Functioning Kidneys by Measuring Renal Papilla Number

Snoek Rozemarijn, de Heus Roel, de Mooij Keetje J., Pistorius Lou R., Lilien Marc R., Lely A. Titia, Bekker Mireille N., de Jong Tom P.V.M. 2018, In: American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 72 , p. 465-467 3 p.

All Research Output (33)
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