prof. dr. W.L. (Wouter) de Laat

Full Professor
prof. dr. W.L. (Wouter) de Laat
  • Group Burgering, section Molecular Cancer Research
  • DBG - department of Genetics
  • Hubrecht Institute

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



Wouter de Laat studied biology at the Utrecht University. During his PhD (1998) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Prof. Jan Hoeijmakers) he investigated the molecular mechanism of nucleotide excision repair. He identified one of the nucleases and characterized the interplay between repair factors at the site of the lesion. As a postdoc, he joined the group of Prof. Frank Grosveld to work on beta-globin gene activation. In 2000 he received a career grant (VIDI) to work on long-range gene activation. His group used 3C technology, and later developed 4C technology, to demonstrate chromatin loops between genes and enhancers and to uncover long-range DNA contacts within and between chromosomes.
In 2008 he received an ERC Young Investigator Grant. In September 2008 de Laat moved his group to the Hubrecht Institute, where he continued his work on genome structure and function. In January 2009 he was appointed professor in Biomedical Genomics at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He received a prestigious VICI career grant in 2012.

Side Activities

Scientific board member KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)

Supervisory board member HUB (Hubrecht Organoid Technology)

Scientific editor Chromatin and Epigenetics

Wouter de Laat is founder of and works one day per week as principal scientist for Cergentis ( Cergentis is a biotech company that provides services and kits for complete gene sequencing based on its proprietary Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) Technology.

Fellowship and Awards

VIDI (2000)

VICI (2012)

ERC Starting Grant (2008)

EMBO Member

Research Output (81)

How chromosome topologies get their shape:views from proximity ligation and microscopy methods

Huang Yike, Neijts Roel, de Laat Wouter nov 2020, In: FEBS letters. 594 , p. 3439-3449 11 p.

Recently Evolved Enhancers Emerge with High Interindividual Variability and Less Frequently Associate with Disease

Castelijns Bas, Baak Mirna L, Geeven Geert, Vermunt Marit W, Wiggers Caroline R M, Timpanaro Ilia S, Kondova Ivanela, de Laat Wouter, Creyghton Menno P 23 jun 2020, In: Cell Reports. 31 , p. 1-18

Epigenetic and Transcriptional Networks Underlying Atrial Fibrillation

van Ouwerkerk Antoinette F, Hall Amelia W, Kadow Zachary A, Lazarevic Sonja, Reyat Jasmeet S, Tucker Nathan R, Nadadur Rangarajan D, Bosada Fernanda M, Bianchi Valerio, Ellinor Patrick T, Fabritz Larissa, Martin James F, de Laat Wouter, Kirchhof Paulus, Moskowitz Ivan P, Christoffels Vincent M 19 jun 2020, In: Circulation research. 127 , p. 34-50 17 p.

Multi-contact 4C:long-molecule sequencing of complex proximity ligation products to uncover local cooperative and competitive chromatin topologies

Vermeulen Carlo, Allahyar Amin, Bouwman Britta A.M., Krijger Peter H.L., Verstegen Marjon J.A.M., Geeven Geert, Valdes-Quezada Christian, Renkens Ivo, Straver Roy, Kloosterman Wigard P., de Ridder Jeroen, de Laat Wouter 1 feb 2020, In: Nature Protocols. 15 , p. 364-397 34 p.

Hominin-specific regulatory elements selectively emerged in oligodendrocytes and are disrupted in autism patients

Castelijns Bas, Baak Mirna L., Timpanaro Ilia S., Wiggers Caroline R.M., Vermunt Marit W., Shang Peng, Kondova Ivanela, Geeven Geert, Bianchi Valerio, de Laat Wouter, Geijsen Niels, Creyghton Menno P. 16 jan 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11 12 p.

Epigenetic Analyses of Human Left Atrial Tissue Identifies Gene Networks Underlying Atrial Fibrillation

Hall Amelia Weber, Chaffin Mark, Roselli Carolina, Lin Honghuang, Lubitz Steven A, Bianchi Valerio, Geeven Geert, Bedi Kenneth, Margulies Kenneth B, de Laat Wouter, Tucker Nathan R, Ellinor Patrick T 2020, In: Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine. 13 , p. 588-598 11 p.

An enhancer cluster controls gene activity and topology of the SCN5A-SCN10A locus in vivo

Man Joyce C.K., Mohan Rajiv A., Boogaard Malou van den, Hilvering Catharina R.E., Jenkins Catherine, Wakker Vincent, Bianchi Valerio, Laat Wouter de, Barnett Phil, Boukens Bastiaan J., Christoffels Vincent M. 1 dec 2019, In: Nature Communications. 10 15 p.

Identification and Characterization of a Transcribed Distal Enhancer Involved in Cardiac Kcnh2 Regulation

van den Boogaard Malou, van Weerd Jan Hendrik, Bawazeer Amira C, Hooijkaas Ingeborg B, van de Werken Harmen J G, Tessadori Federico, de Laat Wouter, Barnett Phil, Bakkers Jeroen, Christoffels Vincent M 3 sep 2019, In: Cell Reports. 28 , p. 2704-2714.e5

4C-seq from beginning to end:A detailed protocol for sample preparation and data analysis

Krijger Peter H L, Geeven Geert, Bianchi Valerio, Hilvering Catharina R E, de Laat Wouter 26 jul 2019, In: Methods. 170 , p. 17-32 16 p.

Noncoding deletions reveal a gene that is critical for intestinal function

Oz-Levi Danit, Olender Tsviya, Bar-Joseph Ifat, Zhu Yiwen, Marek-Yagel Dina, Barozzi Iros, Osterwalder Marco, Alkelai Anna, Ruzzo Elizabeth K, Han Yujun, Vos Erica S M, Reznik-Wolf Haike, Hartman Corina, Shamir Raanan, Weiss Batia, Shapiro Rivka, Pode-Shakked Ben, Tatarskyy Pavlo, Milgrom Roni, Schvimer Michael, Barshack Iris, Imai Denise M, Coleman-Derr Devin, Dickel Diane E, Nord Alex S, Afzal Veena, van Bueren Kelly Lammerts, Barnes Ralston M, Black Brian L, Mayhew Christopher N, Kuhar Matthew F, Pitstick Amy, Tekman Mehmet, Stanescu Horia C, Wells James M, Kleta Robert, de Laat Wouter, Goldstein David B, Pras Elon, Visel Axel, Lancet Doron, Anikster Yair, Pennacchio Len A jul 2019, In: Nature. 571 , p. 107-111 5 p.

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