prof. dr. D.W. (Prof.dr. D.W. (Dylan)) de Lange

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prof. dr. D.W. (Prof.dr. D.W. (Dylan)) de Lange
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • NVIC bedrijfsvoering

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Dylan de Lange started his medical education at the University of Utrecht in 1992. After graduating he started as a resident in Internal Medicine in a teaching hospital in Amersfoort but he finished his residency in the University Medical Center in Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). Afterwards he did a fellowship in Infectious Diseases and subsequently a fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine. In 2007 he joined the medical staff of the Intensive Care Unit and the Dutch Poisons Information Center (DPIC) in the University Medical Center Utrecht, where he has been working ever since. 

Since 2017 he is full professor in Clinical Toxicology and the chair of the Dutch Poisons Information Center ( As a clinical toxicologist (European Registered Toxicologist, ERT) he advises on medical treatment of intoxicated patients. The Dutch Poisons Information Center is contacted for medical advice over 150,000 times per year by other medical professionals.

He is a board member of the National Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) Foundation, which benchmarks the majority of the Dutch ICUs. Part of his current research is derived from this large national database: (long term) outcome after intensive care treatment. Not only mortality is important but also the health related quality of life (HRQoL). Can we predict good/bad outcome?

Since 2017 he is the chair of the scientific section on "Health Safety Research and Outcome" (HSRO) of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).

His research interests obviously situate at the intersection of Clinical Toxicology and Intensive Care Medicine and focusses on "predicting outcome" in:

  1. critically ill intoxicated patient
  2. critically ill patients, especially in regard to the pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics of antimicrobials and immunosuppressants 
  3. critically ill patients with the use of biomarkers

Research Output (206)

Sex-specific outcome disparities in very old patients admitted to intensive care medicine:a propensity matched analysis

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On predictions in critical care:The individual prognostication fallacy in elderly patients

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De giftige groene knolamaniet

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The wave of very old people in the intensive care unit-A challenge in decision-making

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National registries:Lessons learnt from quality improvement initiatives in intensive care

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Suboptimal Dosing of Fluconazole in Critically III Patients: Time To Rethink Dosing

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Therapy limitation in octogenarians in German intensive care units is associated with a longer length of stay and increased 30 days mortality:A prospective multicenter study

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Comments to "Frailty is associated with hospital readmission in geriatric patients:a prognostic study" : Assessment of frailty in geriatric patients: let's keep it simple

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The association between influenza infections in primary care and intensive care admissions for severe acute respiratory infection (SARI):A modelling approach

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